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May 27, 2020 – Indianapolis

Grand opening

Saturday the 23rd was a great day for a local store Gray Skull collectibles located atv10059 East. Washington ST Indianapolis, In

The store struggled to make it through the cov-19 nonsense and survived. Owner Terence Muncy had an all day event with guests Josh Turner and daughter Kaylie both from the Walking Dead Series.

They both are in several other shows, and movies Kaylie is from The show Stranger Things.

Josh is a Indiana native and was once a pro wrestler before embarking on a career in TV and movie.

I had the privilege to interview them both. You can see it Here , uncut and was a lot of fun to do.

I also had the honor of interviewing the greatest horror host ever and a local legend Sammy Terry. That interview is also on the interview with Josh and Kaylie

Watch this Video to see him interacting with a few of his fans. A local horror actor, director, producer Rebecca Rinehart did a great interview with hi as well. You can see it Here

Both Josh and Kaylie are also involved in some great charities. Such as Pop for patients. Donate pops to put smiles on the kids faces who are sick.

Another one is Fight for Autism

And waiting to hear

All worth helping and making a difference in someone’s life. The information is there for you to check them out.

During our interviews we also had some fun in a photo shoot with a profesional photographer, however this shot is from a cell phone. I’m wearing the mask and Kaylie is taking revenge out on me. It was a lot of fun and I will be doing more interviews with all the guests.

No you ask what is Gray Skull Collectibles? It is a local store that has vintage toys from our childhood. Everything from GI Joe, Star Wars, Transformers, He-man and much more. The prices are fantastic and can not be beat. I will have an article about the store soon.

So a final announcement. Your Voice Your Call has now got onto the Patriots’ Soap Box , 24/7 news outlet, every Saturday night @10pm e.s.t. Check it out on YouTube and Roku.