Indianapolis, IN, July 4, 2019 – John Schmitz (Independent Candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis), Belinda Drake (Independent Candidate for City County Council, District 13) and Derris “Dee” Ross (Independent Candidate for City County Council, District 14) are announcing a PEOPLE OVER POLITICS RALLY at the Lugar Plaza (south side of the City County building) on Monday, July 8 at 6 pm.

This Rally is to gain support for voter and election board reform after apparent voter suppression in the petition signing verification process.

Here is what the Schmitz4Mayor campaign knows so far:

  • To run for Mayor of Indianapolis as an Independent Candidate, 6106 registered Marion County Voters must sign a petition.
  • An estimated 8,300 signatures were submitted by the Schmitz4Mayor campaign by the July 1, noon deadline.
  • Approximately 6,500 signatures have been processed, i.e., certified or rejected, by the Marion County Voter Registration Office and released to the Schmitz4Mayor campaign, to date.
  • The remaining estimated 1,800 signatures are still being processed by Voter Registration.
  • 4,237 signatures out of the approximately 6,500 have been certified as registered Marion County voters by the Voter Registration Office.
  • The Schmitz4Mayor Committee is reviewing certain rejected signatures using the Indiana Voters database; which is the same database used by the Voter Registration Office.
  • Upon our review, it appears that approximately 1,000 signatures of REGISTERED Marion County Voters have not had their signature counted for various reasons.

Join us as we rally the citizens of Indy to demonstrate our right to truly make our votes count!

For more information about John’s campaign, go to his website at, as well as for homeless resources.

Penny Bigelow, Campaign Chairperson, Schmitz4Mayor Campaign

For more information, email [email protected].