Indianapolis April 7, 2020 – After finishing a Small Business Event at The White House, President Donald Trump made his way over to the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room to update the American people and media on the continuous war against the Wuhan virus. Joining POTUS on stage for today’s briefing was, Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, CMS Administrator Seema Verma and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

President Trump remarked that the American people are grieving alongside every family that has lost a precious loved one and he added, “prayers for New York, New Jersey and the Prime Minster of the UK, Boris Johnson.

As President Trump stressed last week and again today, “This will be a very painful week” POTUS said, “but our strategy is working. This is a monster we are fighting. We are going to beat this virus with the grit and heart for which this country is known for!”, he added.

Also today President Trump spoke about “Operation Airbridge” and that 27 more airbridge flights are scheduled to get supplies to the cities who need them. Trump also added, “I will protect you if your governor fails.”

POTUS praised Washington and California states for sending their surplus of ventilators back to the Federal Stockpile for redistribution. Right now according to Trump the stockpile has fewer than 10,000 ventilators. The United States projects they will need 32,000 by April 15 when the Wuhan virus outbreak is projected to peak. While talking about ventilators, President Trump laid out a timeline for ventilator orders. He said, “We’ll have 2,200 more by April 13, then by June 1st we will have 20,000 and by June 29, we will have 60,000 then by the end of the June the total ventilator count should be around 110,000.” Trump added, ” There’s a big difference between a good ventilator and a not-so-good ventilator.”

President Trump today also touched on how the Wuhan virus has affected other Countries around the world. He said, “He knows for a fact that some large countries have far more cases of COVID-19 than the United States, but they don’t report them.” He did report thought that the United States has now preformed 1,870,000 tests for the Wuhan virus infection per day and thats more than any other nation. Trump also added that “CVS stores are preforming point of care tests with results in 5 minutes.” Along with the testing at CVS, President Trump spoke highly of the Abbott Company and their 5 minute test adding that 1,200 machines have been shipped.

POTUS remarked that more than $70 billion dollars in guaranteed loans for small businesses has been processed so far and that he will be asking Congress to provide an additional $250 billion dollars for the Paycheck Protection Program.

President Trump had some very interesting words during today’s briefing when the World Health Organization was brought up. ” They’ve been wrong about a lot of things. They seem to be China-centric and we’re going to look into that”, he noted. Trump also added that, “the United States will put a hold on funding to the WHO.”

Trump requested all Americans use this hashtag moving forward on social media, #AmericaWorksTogether.

POTUS took a few questions from the press before exiting the briefing room today and one of the questions, he was asked was about the Peter Navarro memos that are sent back in January about the possibility of the Wuhan virus spreading through-out the United States. “I didn’t see them, but I heard he wrote some memos talking about the pandemic.” Trump answered. “Of course I maintain confidence in Peter. He wrote a memo and he was right.” he added.

Dr. Fauci warned that some demographics will be more susceptible to needing intensive care under Coronavirus. “Diabetes, hypertension, obesity and the very co-morbidities that often lead to the COVID-19 deaths are already prevalent among African Americans,” Fauci said. “It’s very sad,” he added. “There’s nothing we can do about it right now, but this crisis is “shining a bright light” on health disparities for the African American community.” he remarked.

As President Trump has spoke words about there being a light at the end of the tunnel, Vice President Pence uttered the same words today. “We continue to see evidence of stabilization, as a non-scientist up here, I see glimmers of hope,” he added. Pence continued to stress the importance that all people continue to adhere to CDC guidelines for slowing spread. He also raised concern about absenteeism in food and grocery industry and promised to work with food and grocery companies to make sure workers stay safe.

Dr. Birx warned against buying antibody tests on the internet until a valid test is approved and available. She also noted its importance given the risk of another wave of the virus attacking in the fall.

Vice President Pence, Administrator Verma, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx all following their remarks took questions from the media.

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