CARLSON: We’re losing a lot as a country as this happens. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been subpoenaed by the January 6th Commission. He joins us tonight. General, thanks so much for coming on. So what do you make of what’s happening to Steve Bannon — since you’re in a similar position, what do you make of what’s happening to Steve tonight?


FLYNN: Well, I think it’s — I think it shows the speed in which the Democratic Party is moving to confirm their complete takeover of this country, Tucker. There is no other way to put it.


I mean, as you’ve just said, it’s been 40 years since anybody has been indicted for you know what I guess Steve has been — you know, been indicted for, contempt of Congress. I mean, you mentioned Eric Holder. So, I just think that what I am not surprised at, but I think Americans are surprised at is the speed in which they’re moving to do exactly as I said, which is essentially to take this country over and we can’t kid ourselves about this, Tucker. That’s the direction that they’re moving.


CARLSON: Yes, I mean, to start indicting advisers to the former President that you hate after he is out of office is the kind of thing that happens in Latin America, but never here. So what — where does this leave you? You’ve been subpoenaed as well. How are you going to respond?


FLYNN: Well, I think that, you know, I won’t talk about the legalities of what I’m involved in. I think what we’re really facing is an attack or an assault on all of our basic rights. I mean, I think the real issue here in play is the attack on freedom of speech, and I think your latest round of documentaries have really showed that. I think that those have been terrific and I recommend your viewers to watch those if they haven’t watched them already.


But the assault on the freedom of speech, our ability to peaceably protest our desire to seek the truth in the security of our election systems and processes, I mean, this is what’s all at risk in our country today and they don’t want us to be talking about these things.


And so they’re also going to use — I call it the insurrection crucifixion of this January 6th, you know this whole series of things that are going on. It is really to steal away what we are also seeing in the news, which is the continuation of the Durham investigation, where you have indictments coming out.


You have this incredibly failed foreign policy by the Biden administration. You have, you know more and more very clear evidence coming out about COVID and really the conspiracy behind COVID and some of the things that are happening with it.


So, I think what it does, the more that they can keep this January 6th news and you know the big media does a good job of making sure that that sort of pounds the Americans’ heads with it on a daily basis by doing things like issuing more and more subpoenas, I don’t doubt that there is not more to come from this.


So, you know, I’m one of these guys that in my case, you know we’re going to respond to the request, and I — you know, I mean, I don’t have anything to hide. There is nothing — there is nothing there and I think that what we are — what we’re facing is a clear assault on our basic rights and principally our freedom to speak freely in this country and to peaceably protest for things that we believe are false or fraudulent.


CARLSON: Exactly. From what I can tell, they are attempting to criminalize opinions that they don’t like. You’re allowed to have any view of the last election that you want, any view you want on anything in this country. Period. Your views cannot be criminalized because ideas and speech are never criminal in a free country.


I don’t understand — I mean, the pretext for — they’re going to throw Bannon in jail if they can because they don’t like his opinions. Where are the Republican leaders standing up against this?


FLYNN: Yes, and the other big question, the sort of the 60,000-foot view is when does this stop or will it ever stop? And I actually don’t see it stopping. I actually think that we are going to continue to see this relentless pursuit of what I just call an assault on our rights top to bottom. You know, I’d recommend everybody to go and read the Bill of Rights because every single one of those is at risk under this particular regime that we are, you know, we are being you know basically dominated by within the political realm of this country.


And the Democratic Party really, you know, who sort of runs the Democratic Party these days, but I agree with you. I’ve sort of stopped, Tucker, worrying about the Democratic Party because I kind of know what their plan is, and really to me, it is this Republican establishment and the Republican quote-unquote “leaders” and I really do believe that — and what I feel from the American people is that they’re looking for leadership out of the Republican Party and the Republican Party is not — they’re not doing it, they’re just not doing it and they need to step up because this is not going to end anytime soon and they’re going to continue to chip away at all of our rights however they can and they own the media, they own the tech titans of the world so to speak.


And so, they have an ability to be able to control the message and frankly, the American people — and I’m in a place, you know this weekend with about 5,000 people and I’m telling you, they’re just sick of it.


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