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American Airlines has canceled nearly 700 flights so far Sunday, adding to more than 1,000 already called off as the airline struggled to recover from slowed operations caused by weather on Thursday and Friday.

Nearly a quarter of the mainline operations for the Fort Worth-based carrier were sidelined Sunday after major cancellations on Friday and Saturday were blamed on bad weather as far back as Thursday, when high winds in North Texas closed runways for periods at the airline’s biggest hub, DFW International Airport.

Cancellations then piled up on Friday and Saturday as pilots and flight attendants impacted by Thursday weather began to run up against federal rules on hours worked and rest for airline crew members.

“We are taking this measure to minimize any inconvenience as much as possible,” American Airlines chief operating officer David Seymour said Saturday in a memo to employees. “Most of the customers impacted by these changes are being rebooked the same day, and we apologize for having to make these changes.”

Nearly 100,000 American Airlines passengers were affected by Sunday’s slowdown. About 80,000 were inconvenienced on Saturday.

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