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With great fanfare, President Joe Biden went off for his annual exam. I can’t recall ever even being aware that a president transferred power to a vice-president for a brief period of sedation. But in an administration full of firsts, it needed to be pointed out that Kamala Harris was in charge for approximately 85 minutes.  However, the media coverage of the incidental and meaningless temporary transfer of power increased the interest in Biden’s medical evaluation.First, a colonoscopy was the reason the president was sedated. Honestly, this is more information than most Americans need to know, but it is also unusual. Preventative care does not usually include colonoscopies after the age of 75. Biden is 78. The president was diagnosed with mild diverticulosis many years ago. This diagnosis means small outpouchings along a portion of your intestine, usually the colon, are present. The diagnosis is relatively common after age 60.
Without symptoms of pain, infection, or other problems related to the intestine’s outpouching, a col …

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