Let’s start off by acknowledging the tragic side of things.  In the last 24 hours innocent lives were taken at the hands of two men who we will only describe as the perpetrators.  In El Paso Texas 20 people lost their lives.  I’m sure none of them thought for a second that their lives would come to an end on a trip to Walmart.  In Dayton Ohio nine people lost their lives at a local bar, again I’m sure none of them thinking that this night their lives would end.  So what’s up America?

For starters the polarizing politics of the day are only fueling the violence in America, and allowing these types of incidents to take place.  America is the most polarized it has ever been, thanks to a progressive movement that continues to capitalize on racism and do everything in its power to promote an agenda that is a false narrative, but easily digested by those who do not look to other sources for information.  At this moment we are being bombarded with network news types selling us that President Trump is the reason for all of this, and this is simply not true.  If it were true, then how do you rationalize Ft. Hood, Aurora, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and others?  All of these acts of violence are based on one racist hatred of another race.  Oh, and by the way they all happened when President Obama was in office.  So these racist based shootings have been around long before Trump ever thought about running for president.

As sad as it is, these shootings will continue so long as the Progressive Movement continues to work to divide our great nation based on race, or someone’s religion.  Squarely they do this on a daily basis and until Americans wake up to this fact the battle to reduce their reach cannot be waged effectively.

Dayton on the other hand is a little different.  The perpetrators sister was one of the victims in this shooting.  Due to the great work of the men and women of the Dayton Police Department, the threat was neutralized in a very timely fashion.  So we may never know exactly what his motivation was.  It may come out that this was simply a tragic coincidence.  Or it may come out that he was driven by racist theory and thoughts as well. 

Tragic is simply what all of this is.  Our thoughts and prayers to those impacted by the loss of the injured and dead.  But as a nation we need to begin to fight this racist hatred on a daily basis.  The machine of racism was fed during the Obama Presidency, and now we have got to deal with it in the Trump Presidency.  Do your part.