By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT – On Saturday April 27th, 2019 the Detroit Police Department brought their “Serve Then Protect” program to Flint to help out the local community with a large selection of much needed supplies including water, food and clothing. Officer Tanda Rawls-Owens, a 23 year veteran with the DPD who helped organize the event, spoke with me about “Serve Then Protect”:


The location was River Park Apartments and had a large turnout from the local community. Planning the event took several months and multiple local agencies were on hand to lend support including the Flint Police Department. Volunteers from DPD’s training program also were on hand to help any locals who needed it.

In today’s social and political climate, the need for programs in our local communities like this cannot be understated. Flint and Detroit both have seen very hard times and “Serve Then Protect” is helping to support our citizens in a much needed way.

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