Many on the left still complain, two years later, about the election of Donald Trump.  What is sometimes missed however is that the election of Donald Trump has forever changed not only politics here in the United States, but his election indeed changed the geopolitical landscape of the world. 

In the 2000’s the world was trending to a world of “Global Elites” ruling over the rest of the world’s various societies.  Here at home, the Obama administration did nothing but work overtime ensuring that the United States had a seat, albeit a lesser one, at the table of world affairs.  This was perfect for all, and through the UN and the EU the elites continued to remove the identities of various countries and attempt to replace them with a standard “one size fits all” standard identity.  Then, from stage left, enter Donald J. Trump.

To say that Donald Trump has been a savior might be an overstatement.  But what he has proven is that a businessman can lead a country.  He has also proven that it takes more than simple polish and “manners” to be a world leader.  We see this in his various interactions with world leaders.  We also see just how polarizing he can be with some leaders ignoring him or making statements about him that in the past would have only been mentioned in the hushed corridors that the elites travel in.  But the awe, the attitude of Donald Trump is being manifest in the election results we are seeing throughout Europe this weekend. 

Massive election sweeps for conservatives across Europe are happening.  The United Kingdom, France, and others have many citizens that have seen what we in America saw in 2016.  Other countries in Europe will follow this same course.  The Donald Trump mantra is a good one and the people of Europe are seeing that it is a good one.  So why does this matter to us in the United States?  It matters because this is the time to unite with these citizens from Europe and continue this positive change for the world.  Each country being independent, free thinking, and common sense guided is what we should all be after.  Not guiding their politics, but helping where help is needed.  That is why it matters.  As we move forward from Memorial Day please look at what is happening, on social media like the articles about this fledgling movement.  Their 2016 election is happening now.  Help them embrace it and more importantly keep in the know as to what is going on over there.

None can compare to Donald Trump, but Nigel Farage, Marie Le Pen and the others that were on the winning side this weekend have the chance to invigorate their countries like Trump did here.