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Posted: Jan 25, 2022 12:01 AM

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Have you ever listened to the news, and come across a story that really makes you angry? Some stories just touch a nerve.This recently happened to me, when I learned that expecting parents are being given bad information about the health and wellbeing of their unborn child. Worse, because of misleading test results, it seems some families may be terminating healthy pregnancies. As someone who is an ardent supporter of the National Right to Life and the pro-life movement, you understand why I felt compelled to speak up. At issue are prenatal tests being sold to expecting parents – many of which are made by an Austin, Texas-based company called Natera. Natera’s “Panorama” testing system takes blood samples from expecting mothers, and analyzes that sample for numerous and rare genetic conditions like Down or Turner Syndromes. On its website, Natera claims that it offers: “the most accurate non-invasive prenatal testing on the market” and that it is a “trusted resource,” “evaluated in 23 peer-reviewed publications in more than 1.3 million pregnancies.” These boastful assertions sound great. You could understand why expecting parents – and even their doctors and healthcare providers – would see these claims and trust Natera’s results. But in actuality, these tests are at times significantly more likely to be wrong th …

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