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BREAKING: Doctor Notified By State of Michigan He Is Being Monitored For Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine

Flushing – 4/18/2020 – In a shocking Facebook post on Friday, Jordan Warnsholz claimed that he was contacted immediately after writing a prescription by the State of Michigan to tell him that he was now being monitored for writing that prescription for Hydroxychloroquine.

His post, in its entirety:

“I am a medical provider, I own 2 Family Practice/urgent centers in Michigan. I want to share with you how Gov. Whitmer is destroying the healthcare sector at this time:

Whitmer, for 2 weeks, decided to decline Trumps offer of emergency federal funding to the state of Michigan, I was not able to apply for federal assistance for my businesses. When Whitmer was exposed for doing this by the Detroit Free Press she finally filed a declaration of emergency to gain access to those funds, 2 weeks after it was offered by the federal government. I was finally able to submit my application for these emergency funds for my business and was told by the federal loan officer “Sir, why didn’t you submit this application 2 weeks ago? There are now 300,000 applicants in front of you, and when the money is gone, it’s gone.” THANK YOU gov Whitmer for playing your political games and denying Michigan businesses access to emergency funding. You single-handedly bankrupted thousands of Michigan businesses due to that stunt. Whitmer is either completely incompetent, or she truly does not care about Michigan citizens.

Another point: when medical offices were told we can no longer see “non-emergency” visits in our offices….we were told we can instead do “telemed” visits over the phone. That’s great, except on the same day that order was passed, gov Whitmer decided to cut all telemed visit reimbursements by 50%!!! So she used this pandemic/emergency to ROB all healthcare facilities of revenue by 50%. Brilliant. This has also led to the bankruptcy and closure of hundreds of medical offices across the state. So again, gov Whitmer is either completely incompetent, or she truly does not care about Michigan.

Last example: I wrote a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine last week for a patient, and I got an IMMEDIATE call from the state telling me that I will now be monitored by the state for writing that script. Extremely threatening. Whitmer is a liar, she is incompetent, and her policies are literally killing people and destroying our state.”

That was the entire post, including capitalization. I confirmed it was posted under the profile named Jordan Warnsholz and that both Primary Health Services and Wellston Medical Center were in Michigan with him as a listed physician. I called the state to confirm this and did not get a response.

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New Stay-At-Home Order From Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Blocks Gardening, Home Repairs and Fishing

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the stay-at-home executive order on Thursday, adding many new restrictions to the new order, effective until April 30th, causing the garden area to be completely closed at the Wal-Mart on Corunna Road in Flint, Michigan on Saturday.

These new restrictions include forcing retailers to block off access to gardening supplies, home improvement supplies and any other non-essential areas of their store. These restrictions have been met with heavy resistance from both the public and other politicians in the state. At the local Wal-Mart in Flint on Saturday, access to the gardening area was blocked off and many signs were up throughout the home improvement areas saying these items could not be sold in store. What happens if someone needs to perform essential repairs to their home from an emergency situation? Ordering online may delay things and cause more damage when time is an issue.

Paint was also prohibited from being sold at the same WalMart on Saturday

Access to other areas that contained non-essential items remained open, however. Video games and electronics were wide open with no signs or blockades anywhere along with their entire makeup section and jewelry section. The store manager was not available for comment.

The video game aisle contained no signs restricting sales at the same WalMart
Is eyeliner an essential item when seeds are not?

Facebook and Twitter were saturated with posts and complaints about this new policy. They all appear to be at least 90% negative towards the new order, which also prohibits citizens from fishing and traveling between their own residences, which seems to have no logical ground. There is no evidence or research currently showing any risk from traveling in your own vehicle.

Governor Whitmer has not responded to these issues yet.

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