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Ep. 409 Voter Fraud… What Voter Fraud?

by Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon          Posted: December 2, 2020

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n this episode, Derik, Patriotski & Glory return for another day broadcast excellence on The Patriots Soapbox Live News Network & The Common Sense Show. The guys open up today’s show joining Lin Wood & Sidney Powell LIVE in Atlanta, GA for a News Conference / Rally.  After the rally, the guys will bringing you the news thats most important to you WITHOUT the liberal spin.

In hour #2, the guys will review the latest stock numbers, which were just released courtesy of MarketWatch. Patriotski recaps some video clips from yesterday’s hearing in Michigan. We also bring you President Trump’s Statement from The White House. 



Ep. 117 Weekend Recap & Interview With John Schmitz

by: Derik & Conscience Abe     Posted: October 18, 2019


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Its the start of another week of broadcast excellence, as Derik & Abe return from from their weekend break for another week of The Common Sense Show on the Patriots Soapbox 24/7 Live News Network. In the 1st hour of the show, Derik & Abe discuss the news headlines from the weekend and news items from today. In the 2nd hour, John Schmitz joined us to about voting & voting fraud not only in Indiana, but the United States as well.

Special Guest:
John Schmitz (Twitter: @dosomethingindy & @yourvoiceyourc1)

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