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On his InfoWars show on April Fools Day, Alex Jones made several claims about the Qanon movement and also debuted a video on Q by Greg Reese.

InfoWars 4/1/2020 from Baked Blunts

Who, or what, is Q? According to Alex, Q started as a legitimate operation by 2 men, one that worked in the Trump campaign and the other one that worked in US Intelligence, but he also claims they quickly lost control of the operation in only 3 days. He doesn’t offer any information or explanation on how they lost the operation so quickly, or why they abandoned it when they did and didn’t attempt to regain control of it.

He claims many elements of the Q movement are real, including that Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted for Satanism, but that whoever is currently behind Q is not a legitimate representative of the Trump administration or US Intelligence. He also claims he had “the guy” who started Q in his house 2 years ago and he could have hired him, but didn’t.

What is Q? This video from “Joe M” gives a brief explanation

He said one of his main issues with the Q movement is they don’t research and promote “real” information, like the alleged manufacturing of the COVID-19 virus and depopulation agendas, which isn’t true. I have seen myself that Q researchers were one of the first to identify the lab in Wuhan back in December and have talked at length many times about Event 201 and other depopulation movements along with many other areas of real, verifiable information available to the public.

Alex then issues an ultimatum and gives Q 7 days to reveal himself/themselves, or he will do it himself next Wednesday, April 8th.

He also makes some surprising claims about himself, namely that he is running his own operation in which he intentionally lies sometimes to place false information in the public forum for his own agenda.

Alex also goes on a short rant about his contributions to the truth movement and how “real” he is before claiming that President Trump called his wife to tell her how Alex is a “real man”.

Next Wednesday should be interesting.

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Dinner With President Bolsonaro of Brazil

– Indianapolis
Last night, President Trump was joined for dinner at Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach, FL by President Bolsonaro of Brazil. The following remarks were made by President Trump to the media before the dinner.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Hello, everybody. Thank you very much. Thank you. He’s doing a fantastic job. A great job. Brazil loves him and the USA loves him. Great job. Thank you very much.

Q Mr. President, will you continue keeping tariffs off of Brazil on steel and aluminum?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We have a very good relationship as to tariffs. And we helped Brazil and we want to always help Brazil. And the friendship is probably stronger now than it’s ever been.

Q So no new tariffs?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don’t want to make any promises. No promises.

Q Sir, for the (inaudible) coronavirus impact, are you going to continue hold rallies and are you taking any precautions with the White House staff?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we’ll have tremendous rallies. And we’re doing very well. And we’ve done a fantastic job with respect to that subject on the virus. Yeah.

Q How concerned are you that coronavirus —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: (Inaudible.) We’ve had tremendous cooperation with other countries and all over the world. And we’ve made it very, very tough. Very strong. Very stringent borders.

Q But are you concerned that it is getting closer to the White House in D.C.?


Q On free trade —

Q Are you concerned that the virus is getting closer to the White House and D.C.?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, I’m not concerned at all. No, I’m not. No, we’ve done a great job.

Thank you very much.

Courtesy of White House YouTube
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