Epstein Found Dead By ‘Suicide’ According To Officials; NY Post Photo Has Discrepancies Says Expert

By Shelby Ferguson

Less than 24 hours after 1,897 pages were unsealed in a court case involving Ghislaine Maxwell, who has many allegations and rumors concerning her involvement in Epstein’s charges, Epstein is found dead of an apparent suicide in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. These documents include some very graphic details of Epstein’s island and what he allegedly did there, along with naming Prince Andrew, American politicians and others, who joined Epstein is his alleged criminal activity. The official word from law enforcement officials is that Epstein died of suicide this morning, but that has not stopped many theories already emerging including alleging that Epstein is still alive and now in witness protection.

A photograph published by the New York Post reportedly shows Epstein being taken into the hospital. I’ve had an expert in the field examine the photograph and they have found some potential discrepancies in it, but the photograph is not detailed enough to be conclusive. The expert stated that the sheet appears to be held up by the hands of Epstein, which would not be possible in that state with no motor control. They also stated the position of the body bag is not normal, but again the photograph is not detailed enough to state anything conclusive. I will update this article as more is uncovered.