Archive videos before they get taken down!

In today’s word, with all the crazy tech censorship, video’s you see on Youtube, facebook, or Twitter can be removed at any time. So what do you do if you find a video that you really like, or need to show someone else? Save it offline!

There are many different options to saving videos offline. The main one I use for YouTube is 4K Video Downloader.

That one is super easy to use.. Just copy the URL in your browser, and select the “Paste Link” button, and it will give you all the download options for that Video. You can even change it to extract the audio into MP3, M4A, or OGG if you just want to listen to it. Like if it is a song you want to save and put on your phone.

Another downloader that is good is youtube-dl-gui. Which uses youtube-dl as its downloader, but makes it a pretty graphical interface, instead of having to do it from a Command prompt. It isn’t as pretty as 4K Video Downloader, but it does support more sites..

Unfortunately, neither of those support Rumble yet. So in order to download from Rumbe, I use Video DownloadHelper Add-on in Firefox to download from Rumble. Hopefully Rumble support will be added to the other downloaders… The Video DownloadHelper Add-on helps download from other sites that the downloaders don’t.

So, with all those options, you should be good to go for downloading the best quality from online videos!