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Thursday Coronavirus Update: Supplies, Oil & PPP

Indianapolis April 9, 2020 – After finishing a conference call with Russian President Vladimir Putin and King Salman of Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump joined members from the Coronavirus Task Force Team to give an update to the American people and media about medical supplies, oil supply and the Paycheck Protection Program. Trump was joined on stage for today’s briefing by Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Department of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia.

The scheduled time for the briefing was 5:00 PM EST, but it was moved back to 6:30 PM EST due to President Trump being on a conference call with President Putin and King Salman about a oil production dispute. “We had a big talk on oil production and OPEC,” Trump said of the conversation. “We had a very good talk, oil production numbers are low and there are layoffs in the United States and Worldwide,” POTUS added. Saudi Arabia and Russia are producing a lot of oil and the United States’s strategic reserve is almost full, but POTUS expects OPEC to announce something today or tomorrow. He’s in the midst of negotiations with the oil and airline industries, but Trump remarked “I would say we’re getting close to a deal and its a very big package to help the airlines.” The airlines deal according to the President will be discussed over the weekend and the plans for the deal will be announced at a later date.

President Trump updated everyone on the health of the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. “PM Johnson has been moved out of the intensive care unit, which is a positive development,” Trump mentioned.

As POTUS spoke of earlier in the week, 49 more flights are currently scheduled in “Project Airbridge.”

Trump had some positive words for the American Medical System. He mentioned how strong it is performing along with the testing capabilities, which are the best in the world. POTUS stated they are “19 therapies and treatments now being tested through the United States FDA through the Coronavirus Acceleration Program.” Trump added that “2 million tests have been completed in the United States and Pfizer is testing a drug to stop the Coronavirus from replicating, which is a big deal.” POTUS noted that hydroxychloroquine and zpaks are being distributed for use by doctors at their own discretion and he would like to reach a point where the country is testing around 750,000 people a week before opening up the country.

President Trump remarked about his administration was working with Congress in implementing the Paycheck Protection Program and hes looking at the Department of Education for $6 billion dollars for students, who were impacted by suspended classes.

Before leaving the room, POTUS took a few questions from the media.

Vice President Pence updated everyone on testing. “We have now cleared 2 million tests across the country while testing 100,000 people a day now and we continue to see evidence of stabilization in the greater New York, Louisiana, Detroit and Denver areas,” Pence noted. Speaking about the social distancing guidelines, Pence urged the American people to kept following them, “it’s working America and it’s working because of you’re doing it.” He added, ” It appears these areas are close to the peak of infections and we continue to see evidence that we are reaching or we are at the peak and America is succeeding against this virus.”

As did President Trump, Vice President Pence touched on the Paycheck Protection Program as well, he added that the first payments for people with direct deposits linked to the IRS will go out by the end of next week and the administration remains “on the timetable” to send out the first round of stimulus checks of up to $1,200 per eligible person by the end of next week.

Pence announced that due to the USNS Comfort and Javits Center not being used extensively in New York, health care professionals from both places are relieving health care workers at hospitals and the Department of Defense will provided 75 military medical personnel to go to New York hospitals today to help relieve some burden on health care workers.

“Today, the Task Force asked the US FDA and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to review the feasibility of allowing hospital workers to use cloth gowns that can be laundered and we should likely get guidance soon on this,” Pence noted.

Dr. Birx stated today that “More women are tested, but the rate among men who are tested is higher for positives. 44% of the people who get tested for coronavirus are male and 23% test positive, but only 16% positive results for women.” She added that “This week would be the most difficult, but signs are encouraging already with all new areas seeing increase in cases, but rate much slower.”

Dr. Fauci continued to emphasize that social distancing is working. “While the death rate is rising in New York, they are seeing a dramatic decrease in the need for hospitalizations,” he added.

Labor Secretary Scaila talked about the new steps taken to ensure workers swiftly receive unemployment and paid leave benefits. The Labor Department is helping states dispense unemployment checks. Scaila said “More states will be making the $600 plus-up payments for unemployment benefits and those who have not received them will be given that money later when the state computer systems are updated.”

“We want to lay the groundwork for a blue collar bounce back,” Scaila added.

Vice President Pence, Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci and Labor Secretary opened the floor up to the media for questions after their remarks.

Full video of today’s briefing:

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Wednesday Coronavirus Update: Encouraging Numbers

Indianapolis April 8, 2020 – Led by President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other members of the Wuhanvirus Task Force Team delivered today’s press briefing from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at The White House. Joining POTUS on the stage for today’s briefing was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield.

President Trump mentioned today he has been monitoring Prime Minster Of The UK, Boris Johnson‘s health for the last couple days. Trump said “he’s been told Boris is doing better , but is still going through a tough time. We send our regards to Boris.”

POTUS spoke about opening the country back up. ” The United States is getting closer to getting back to the way it was before the pandemic and the United States is working to beat the Coronavirus, maybe a lot more quickly, I hope.”

Again President Trump talked about the drug, hydroxychloroquine and the story that was making it rounds yesterday in the media about the Democrat lawmaker from the State of Michigan. “She saw what I was saying on television”, Trump explained. He commended the Michigan legislator, who complimented the President on his advocacy for medicines that she chose to take for the virus. President Trump reminded everyone in the press briefing room that the CDC would be releasing new guidance later today to ensure infrastructure workers can perform their jobs safely. POTUS also mentioned that the $350 billion dollar small business loan program will be expanded by $250 billion dollars this week, pending Congress approval. “We will also invest in American infrastructure and build up America instead of pouring out to other countries. It’s time to build up America,” Trump added.

POTUS then transitioned to the topic of the World Health Organization. ” The United States spent last year alone $452 million dollars on WHO, while China paid only $42 million dollars. Yet the WHO covers for China transgressions” Trump explained. “The World Health Organization got it wrong and underestimated the threat from the coronavirus. not good,” he said. The United States has paid far more than China. “Not fair at all, the United States will do an “investigation” to determine what it will do” according to POTUS.

“We are hopefully heading toward a final stretch, a light at the end of the tunnel”, President Trump quoted.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about all the Americans coming home from over seas. “We have had 490 flights returning Americans to the United States. Pompeo added that “more than 50,000 Americans have been repatriated back to the United States. We continue to help countries across the world thru CDC. We still have several thousand US citizens abroad and many are in remote areas and some in difficult conditions, but we will keep it up.”

Vice President Pence in his remarks today sounded very upbeat. “The losses as egregious as they are reflect those who contracted virus before full mitigation was implemented. The more optimistic numbers lately are showing a possible leveling off of infections is reflective of the national effort” he noted. Pence also stressed that the coronavirus is three times as contagious as the flu.

Dr. Birx praised the American people and stated “She and Dr. Fauci are impressed by the American peoples response on mitigation and how those measures may mean the death rates will be lower than some models projected.” She also updated everyone on the daily case numbers of the coronavirus in major cities in the United States. 11,000 cases per day in the New York City/Metro Area, 1,400 cases per day in Detroit, 1,400 cases per day in Philadelphia, 800 cases per day in Los Angeles and 350 case per day in Seattle. Dr Birx also encouraged pregnant women not to skip their doctor appointments and said labor and delivery units are going above and beyond to keep things safe for them. “We don’t want any pregnant women to suffer a bad outcome during this time” Dr. Birx remarked.

Dr. Fauci had a fairly positive message today, saying “the number of people being lost to the Coronavirus is serious, but it could be so much worse.” “Don’t get complacent”, he added. “We know now for sure that the mitigation we are doing is having an effect, but you don’t see it for weeks later. Mitigation and Social Distancing is, at this time, the best and only tool we have to fight against this virus” Dr. Fauci said. He also talked about a topic from a previous briefing, which is the health of Black Americans. “We want to double down and say to the young people and the elderly people in that community, please protect the people who are susceptible” he noted.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redford mentioned that the updated guidelines for employers of critical workers exposed to Coronavirus on be found at https://www.cdc.gov/.

After finishing their remarks, Vice President Pence, Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redford all took question from the media.

Full video of today’s briefing:

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Monday Coronavirus Update: “Stay Inside And Let’s Win This”

Indianapolis, IN April 6, 2020 – Ahead of a potential rough week, President Donald Trump was joined today in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room by members of the Coronavirus Task Force Team to update the American people and media with the on-going war with the Wuhan virus. Joining POTUS on stage for today’s briefing was Vice President Mike Pence, Assistant Secretary For Health Admiral Brett Giroir, Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

President Trump offered up his thoughts and prayers from the people of the United States to United Kingdom Prime Minster Boris Johnson, who late last week was hospitalized due to the Wuhan virus. Trump added, “Americans are all praying for his recovery. When this virus is gone, we’re going to be sitting next to each other once again.” referring to PM Johnson.

President Trump went on to praise and support all of the Nation’s Governors for the way they have handled the Wuhan virus in their state today during a 2 hour conference call with Vice President Pence and all 50 states Governors. POTUS also updated everyone on one of the nations “hotspots”, New York state. Governor Andrew Cuomo was granted a request to use the Navy ship USNS Comfort for Wuhan virus patients for New York City and New Jersey”, Trump stated. There will also be alternative care sites in 18 different states manned by the U.S. Military along with the Javits Center in Manhattan starting tomorrow POTUS noted.

Earlier today, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke over the phone on the topic of the Wuhan virus. “The call was good”, according to Trump. “Vice President Biden shared several suggestions for actions the Administration can take now to address the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and expressed his appreciation for the spirit of the American people in meeting the challenges facing the nation” Trump added.

President Trump along with praising all the United States Governors, he also praised the 3M Company, he announced a “amicable” deal with the company which will deliver 55.5 million masks per month and 166.5 million masks over the next few months for front-line health care workers. Along with the masks, POTUS had to invoke the Defense Production Act for 3M to start producing 166 million N95 respirator masks for the front line health care workers as well. After thanking 3M, President Trump mentioned the company Apple, which is producing 1 million face shields per week and Salesforce which has donated 48 million pieces of Personal Protective Equipment. POTUS also updated everyone on all of the PPEs that has been directly distributed by FEMA and Health and Human Services (HHS), “11.7 million N95 respirator masks, 26.5 million surgical masks, 5.3 million face shields, 4.4 million surgical gowns and 22.6 million gloves” Trump noted. President Trump stated there are about 9,000 ventilators in the federal stockpile and he thanked Admiral Giroir for the distribution of all the medial supplies.

POTUS mentioned that some states have a surplus of medical supplies, which are being redeployed to states that need them. Trump pointed to California Governor Gavin Newsome, whose sending 500 ventilators to other locations.

President Trump also gave a update on the amount of tests that have been performed which is 1.79 million and POTUS also called the healthcare workers “warriors” and also stated “they are running thur those doors to help, it’s like no different than when your in the war movies.” he added.

“There’s tremendous light at the end of the tunnel, stay inside and let’s win this” Trump remarked.

Dr. Fauci had positive remarks today as well. “Even states not strictly enforcing stay at home orders, States are reporting back people are maintaining a functional level of staying at home. “ he noted.

Full video of today’s briefing:

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Clips from today’s briefing:

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Saturday Coronavirus Update: Supplies & Cases

Indianapolis, IN April 4, 2020 – After speaking on the phone with numerous Major League Sports Commissioners earlier in the day, President Donald Trump entered the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing of The White House to brief and update the American people and media on the ongoing war with the Wuhan Virus. Joining POTUS on the stage today was FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and Vice President Mike Pence.

President Trump couldn’t stress enough about how bad the next few weeks are going to be as he did earlier in the week and he noted “This will probably be the toughest week. There will be a lot of death unfortunately”. POTUS also shined some light on how poorly the MSM is covering the WUHAN virus and stressed how important it is for the media to “Stop spreading false rumors and creating fear and even panic with the public”, he added.

POTUS also announced that he will be adding about 1000 more military personnel to New York to help combat this battle with the Wuhan virus. Trump noted “We’re going to be adding a tremendous amount of military personnel, thousands of soldiers, medical workers and professionals will be notified very soon of their assignments.”

President Trump during today’s briefing updated everyone on medical supplies. He stated “Fears of shortages have led to inflated requests from the states and everybody has the proper intentions, but sometimes when they know they don’t need it, they want it anyway and some states have more ventilators than they need, but won’t admit it. They’ll admit it when this thing is over”, he added. “If a state has ventilators, they know they’re not going to need, they should give them over for redistribution to other hot spots.” Trump said.

Trump continued to hammer the point home that the federal government is a “backup” for the states when it comes to medical supplies. POTUS also noted that “FEMA and HHS have ordered 180 million N95 masks” and talking about masks, President Trump was eager to point out that he had to invoke the Defense Production Act due to 3M making masks, but sending them to other countries. “The Defense Production Act is sometimes a form of retaliation. “You could call it retaliations because that’s what it is. It’s a retaliation. If people don’t give us what we need for our people, we’re going to be very tough.” Trump said. As he continued talking about medical supplies, “Who ever heard of 180 million masks?” Trump said. POTUS did mentioned that hospital administrators are telling the White House they are “thrilled to be where they are” when it comes to supplies.

After speaking and going into detail on supplies, President Trump moved towards the topics of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which seems to be getting high remarks in combating the Wuhan virus. Trump mentioned that the United States has a stockpile of 29 million doses of the malaria drug and he has also put in a request with India for more supplies of the drug.

President Trump spoke about the Paycheck Protection Program, which has been in affect for over 24 hours now and Trump mentioned that “some 28,000 loans and billions of dollars have been processed under the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses.” POTUS also added that the program is “way ahead of schedule” and he is prepared to ask Congress to approve more funding for the program, but only if needed.

Trump closed with saying,“We’re going to make sure it’s over soon. It’s not going to be long.” “We will move heaven and earth to safeguard our great American citizens” the president “We have to get back to work…we have to open our country again”

Dr. Anthony Fauci had encouraging words today at the briefing when speaking on the data that’s coming in about the mitigation and social distancing efforts. “Clearly it works” he added. “As sobering and as difficult as this is, it’s working” and Dr. Fauci continued to urge Americans to continue social distancing, despite how difficult it is, “What we are doing is making a difference.” He noted.

After remarks from POTUS, FDA Dr. Hahn, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Vice President Pence, the briefing was opened for questions from the media gathered in the press briefing room.

Full video of today’s briefing:

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Clips of today’s briefing:

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