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  • February 24, 2021
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Ep. 83 Tuesday’s with Todd & Big Announcement From John Schmitz

Hosted by: Derik & Conscience Abe

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It’s Tuesday, so that means its Tuesday’s with Todd. Todd Huff of Todd Huff Radio joins Derik & Abe through the 1st hour. In the 2nd half of the show, the guys will bring you Abe’s News Blitz, along with Indianapolis Mayor Candidate John Schmitz with a YUGE announcement and the Patriot Song Of The Day!

News Picks:

• Legal Insurrection: Democrats Fundraising Off El Paso and Dayton Shootings
 Twitter: Todd Huff
• Twitter: John Schmitz
• Video: “Real Women Vote For Trump” by The Deplorable Choir
• Chicago Tribune: The same weekend as massacres in El Paso and Dayton, 15 people were shot in 2 Chicago incidents. Why aren’t those called mass shootings too?

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Indianapolis, IN –
John P. Schmitz, Independent Candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, will have a Marion County Election Board hearing on July 30 at 10 am at the City County Building, after filing a CAN 1 Challenge form on July 15. This form is for “…a candidate seeking to contest the denial of certification due to insufficient signatures… “. Attorney Mark Small will represent Schmitz at the July 30 hearing. All are invited.
The Marion County Voter Registration Office has certified only 5,355 petition signatures out of the 8200+ that were turned in; 6,106 are required for Schmitz to be placed on the November ballot. The challenge contests the denial of certain signers, thus allowing additional petition signatures to be certified. The Schmitz4Mayor campaign workers have found many errors in the Voter Registration certification process, including incorrect addition of the number of Registered signers, listing/rejecting a signer as “NR” Not Registered, when a person is actually “Registered” or “Registered at a Different Address”, etc.
The biggest rejection category is the “Registered at a Different Address” category alone amounted to over 1100 signatures, which is more than enough to meet the 6,106 requirement. Schmitz’s position: with the current change in law where anyone can vote anywhere in Marion County, these signatures should be counted. Schmitz says: “Not counting them is a form of voter suppression.” The Schmitz campaign is sending out letters and affidavits to disenfranchised voters, requesting them to sign and return the affidavit before July 30. The affidavit states that the person signed the petition and gave a certain address, because they reasonably believed the instructions at the top of the petition which simply asked for the “Residence Address”.
Schmitz states: “To Affidavit signers and the public, please attend the hearing at the City County Building at 10 am on July 30. Ask at the Main Desk for the Room number of the hearing. Have your voice for fair government heard!” For more information, go to www.dosomethingindy.comor follow Schmitz4Mayor on FB and social media.

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