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Ep. 173 Tuesday With Todd & Sam Williams Returns

by: Derik & Patriotski / Posted: January 7, 2020

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In this episode of The Common Sense Show, Derik is rejoined by Patriotski. In hour #1, Derik & Patriotski discuss, commentate and take out all the liberal spin that is currently in today’s news cycle. At the bottom half of hour #1, Conservative talk show host Todd Huff of the Todd Huff Show heard on Freedom 95 locally in Indianapolis joins the guys for their weekly discussion.

In hour #2, Samuel Williams makes his return to the show. Samuel is a Republican & Veteran, who is running for Congress in Texas’s 16th Congressional District. After Samuel’s interview, stay tuned to the show for any late breaking news, Patriot Song Of The Day and calls from THE PATRIOT NATION!

Special Guests:
Todd Huff – Twitter (@ToddHuffShow)
Samuel Williams – Twitter (@votesamuelwill1)

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Ep. 137 Weekend Recap & Interview with Sam Williams

by: Derik & Conscience Abe  Posted: November 18, 2019


Another week of broadcast excellence here on The Common Sense Show with the return of Derik & Abe. The guys talk, discuss and recap the weekend headlines in case you missed them! At the bottom half of hour #1, Sam Williams, a native of Texas and a veteran, who is running for Congress in TX 16th Congressional District joins the show to discuss his reason for getting into politics and his campaign’s platform.

In hour #2, Abe goes through his news blitz, along with the Patriot Song Of The Day and your calls from THE PATRIOT NATION!!

Special Guest:
Sam Williams (on Twitter:

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