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Ep. 381 Presidential Debate Recap

by Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon          Posted: October 23, 2020

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In this episode, Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon return for another exciting episode of The Common Sense Show! Throughout hour #1 of today’s show , the guys will give their break downs and recap of last night’s 2nd and final Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump & former Vice President Joe Biden, also THANKS to Glory, the guys were able to take calls AGAIN from Patriot Nation!!!

In hour #2, the guys will bring you the latest stock market numbers courtesy of Marketwatch.com. Along with the stock numbers, the guys will discuss and commentate on the news of the day that is most important to you, WITHOUT THE LIBERAL spin! Also stay tuned during the middle of hour #2, we will be joining President Trump LIVE for a peaceful protest in The Villages, FL.


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Ep. 364 Presidential Debate Recap

by Derik, Patriotski, Glory Anon & Sunny Days         Posted: September 30, 2020

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In this episode, Derik, Patriotski, Glory & Sunny return for another day broadcast excellence on The Patriots Soapbox Live News Network & The Common Sense Show. Opening up today’s show the guys will discuss and recap last night’s Presidential Debate between former Vice President Biden and President Trump. Along with recapping last night’s Presidential Debate, the guys will also bring you the most important news headlines of the day WITHOUT the MSM liberal spin.

In hour #2, the guys will review stock the latest stock numbers, which were just released courtesy of MarketWatch. Stay tuned towards the end of the show for our Patriot Song Of The Day.


News Picks:

• American Greatness: Trump Wins Round One, Barely

• Big League Politics: Moderator Chris Wallace Interrupted Donald Trump 76 Times, Biden 15 Times

Big League Politics: TELEMUNDO POLL: 66 Percent of Spanish-Speaking Viewers Believe Trump Defeated Biden in Presidential Debate

 Gateway Pundit: Firefighters And Paramedics Union In Philadelphia Endorses Trump For 2020

• MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average



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