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“One Life For Life” Continues Their Mission To End Abortion In Genesee County

By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT – “One Life For Life” (https://www.onelifeforlife.org) has now saved the lives of 107 babies in Genesee County. They continued their mission on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 by gathering outside of the Women’s Center of Flint and Saginaw at 3422 Flushing Road in Flint, Michigan with prayer, fellowship and singing and had support from several people driving by and stopping to ask questions. It was a peaceful gathering with songs like this:

They will be having an event this Thursday for anyone who wants to volunteer and help them with their mission. Anyone interested can contact them on their website or by calling 810-605-5356.

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Saving Lives: “One Life For Life” has saved the lives of 103 babies in 2 years in Flint, Michigan

Part One Of A Two Part Series On “One Life For Life”

By Shelby Ferguson

pic 2

Nick Staley (Right) and Miles O’Brien (Left) outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Flint, Michigan

“One Life For Life” wants to end abortion in Genesee County, which includes Flint, Michigan and over a dozen other cities and townships. They are working towards that goal by establishing a presence at local places that offer abortion whenever the location is open. They have been at the “Women’s Center of Flint & Saginaw” on Flushing Road in Flint for roughly 2 years now and added the Planned Parenthood location on Beecher Road in Flint a couple weeks ago. Their mission statement from their website here is:

“We partner with gospel leaders to multiply life-giving ministry wherever abortion exists. We want to see the Bride of Christ boldly advancing God’s global life movement, saving preborn lives, healing broken hearts, and proclaiming the infinite value of His Image in all people.”

I talked to Miles O’Brien, a missionary for One Life For Life, at the Planned Parenthood location in Flint, Michigan. That interview can be seen:


So far they have helped stop the abortion of 103 babies locally here in Genesee County. I will have a more in depth article on them in the coming weeks.

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