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Ep. 129 Thank You Mr. President! With TJams & Kari Donovon

by: Derik, TJams & Kari Donovon Posted: November 6, 2019

Part #1
Part #2
Part #3


In this episode, Abe was unable to join Derik for this episode, but Derik was bailed out by President Trump as he and special guest TJams covered live President Trump’s remarks from the East Room of The White House for the Federal Judicial Confirmation Milestones.

In the 2nd hour of the show, Derik & TJams were joined by another special guest, Host of Rebel Legends on Saturdays 9-11 AM & Sundays 8-10 PM, Kari Donovon. The trio discuss current news items of the day along with Election results from last night. Also don’t miss our Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guests:
Kari Donovon (on Twitter @Saorsa1776)


Ep. 88 Communism, Poll Numbers & Tuesday With Todd

Hosted by: Derik & Special Guest Kari Donovan

Derik’s Twitter: @indynewsmedia
Kari’s Twitter: @Saorsa1176
The Common Sense Show on Facebook: @PSBCommonSenseShow

Tuesdays with Todd


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Its Tuesday, so that can only mean 1 thing… Its Tuesday With Todd. Todd Huff of Todd Huff Radio on Freedom 95 out of Franklin, IN joins Derik and Special Guest Host Kari Donovan. In the 1st hour, Derik, Kari & Todd discuss a wide range of political topics. In the 2nd hour of the show, Derik & Kari continue their discussion on current political issues along with taking calls from the Patriot Nation and The Patriot Song Of The Day!

Special Guest:
Todd Huff on Twitter: @toddhuffshow

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