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  • September 22, 2021

Ep. 285 Interview with Gretchen Smith

by: Derik, Patriotski & Glory Anon          Posted: June 11, 2020



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In this episode, Derik, Patroitski and Glory Anon bring you another day of broadcast excellence. The guys will bring you the news items making the news cycle for today WITHOUT the liberal spin. At the bottom half of hour #1, Code of Vets member Gretchen Smith joins the show to discuss all issues facing today’s veterans. 

In hour #2, the guys will bring you the latest numbers from the stock market, which just closed courtesy of MarketWatch. We join President Trump at a roundtable discussion in Dallas, TX.

Special Guest:
Gretchen Smith (on Twitter: @codeofvets & @cov_Gretchen )


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