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To PC or not to PC?

What does this mean? PC is an abbreviation for Precinct Committeeman. What is a PC chair? Simply put for each party, they have individuals who represent their district for that party in what’s known as PC and Ward seats. These seats are held by individuals, who help the parties decide which party member will run for a position in an up coming election.

So Where Does That Take Us?

These are very important seats. Unfortunately though in the Marion County GOP, there are over 400 of these seats that are empty and need to be filled. This is one of many reasons why the Republicans did not have a good choice for a candidate for Indianapolis Mayor. There just wasn’t enough people to vote for a better choice.

So, if the Republicans want to build a stronger party along with sharing the balance of power with the Democrats and making the future of Indianapolis a shinning city on a hill, these seats MUST be filled. Interesting tidbit to keep in mind is that anyone can run for those seats as long as they are in good standing with the Marion County GOP, which means a person must have voted in the last Republican primary. This coming May 2020, a person can do so and they will have a voice in what happens for Indianapolis.

If anyone would like to get involved there is a meeting, this will be the first of several starting Wednesday November 13, 2019 at 5:30 pm EDT to socialize, then 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT at the MCL Cafeteria located at 2370 W. 86 St. Indianapolis. The Republican party needs people to get involved and have the county’s voices heard. Invitations have been sent to:
Senator Jim Merritt
Marion County GOP Chair Cindy Kirchhofer
Current PC’s

You can go here to check out the latest story from Your Voice Your Call, which also talks a little bit about the PC chair and why it is important. The Republican party is looking forward to a better future for all of the citizens of this amazing city.


The plight of the Republican party in Marion County.

Indianapolis, IN – What to say? This past Tuesday was the local election for Marion County and surrounding areas including the Mayoral and City Council elections in Indianapolis. The Democrats gained 6 additional seats to the council leaving only 5 Republican council members. The incumbent mayor Joe Hogsett won his election by a outstanding 71% of the vote with Republican challenger Jim Merritt only getting 26% of the vote. Can you say CRUSHED! Why did this happen?

Here’s a quick background on both candidates. Republican candidate Jim Merritt, who holds a seat in the State Senate. During the Republican primary, there were numerous individuals who ran against Senator Merritt in an attempt to knock him out of the race. Mayor Joe Hogsett has been the Mayor of Indy for past 3 1/2 years.

During both campaigns, Mayor Hoggset raised $5.5 million dollars for his campaign compared to Senator Merritt’s $750,000 dollars. The campaigns between the parties was boring, dull with no energy and both candidates acted like they did not want the job. Senator Merritt didn’t really put up much of a fight with only one TV commercial and one radio commercial. Where as Joe nailed it out of the park with really good campaign commercials on TV and radio.

During the debates, which there was little to none viewership, along with no enthusiasm shown by Mayor Hogsett or Senator Merritt. The only other candidate who was up against them was that of Libertarian candidate, Doug McNaughton, (see interview). He only got 2% of the vote with no party support. Sad.

This reporter was told that Senator Merritt had lost several people from his campaign and could not raise the funds. Nobody really wanted to back him or even wanted him to run. He was the only one that went to the slating process. The slating process is a barbaric process, where an individual goes before the party, a individual pleads their case and hopes the Republican party votes to nominate you. Since no one else was running thats how Senator Merritt won. A source close to the Republican party told me he had the nomination anyways, so why bother?

On Election day, many Republican voters stayed home, some did vote for their own party and some flipped and voted Democrat. A total number of about 160,000 voted out of 600,000 registered voters. With a sad and low turnout, you can see what happened and why.

I don’t know about you, but Senator Merritt was never a strong candidate. The Republican party made a big mistake by having him run. Now everything that happens in the next 4 years solely rests on the Democrats shoulders with having the Office of the Mayor and majority in the City County Council. Nice thing is though that will open the door for the Republican party in the next election. 

Myself along with others are working to get people together and run for PC chairs and Ward chairs next Spring to help the party get stronger as well as having a balance in power. GOP chair leader Cindy Kirchhofer is joining to help make sure of this process.

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