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New Stay-At-Home Order From Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Blocks Gardening, Home Repairs and Fishing

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the stay-at-home executive order on Thursday, adding many new restrictions to the new order, effective until April 30th, causing the garden area to be completely closed at the Wal-Mart on Corunna Road in Flint, Michigan on Saturday.

These new restrictions include forcing retailers to block off access to gardening supplies, home improvement supplies and any other non-essential areas of their store. These restrictions have been met with heavy resistance from both the public and other politicians in the state. At the local Wal-Mart in Flint on Saturday, access to the gardening area was blocked off and many signs were up throughout the home improvement areas saying these items could not be sold in store. What happens if someone needs to perform essential repairs to their home from an emergency situation? Ordering online may delay things and cause more damage when time is an issue.

Paint was also prohibited from being sold at the same WalMart on Saturday

Access to other areas that contained non-essential items remained open, however. Video games and electronics were wide open with no signs or blockades anywhere along with their entire makeup section and jewelry section. The store manager was not available for comment.

The video game aisle contained no signs restricting sales at the same WalMart
Is eyeliner an essential item when seeds are not?

Facebook and Twitter were saturated with posts and complaints about this new policy. They all appear to be at least 90% negative towards the new order, which also prohibits citizens from fishing and traveling between their own residences, which seems to have no logical ground. There is no evidence or research currently showing any risk from traveling in your own vehicle.

Governor Whitmer has not responded to these issues yet.

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Proposed Security Camera Draft In Flint Needs Clarity Over Facial Recognition And Access

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver came to the October 14th Special Affairs Committee meeting to present a draft to the city council that would require many businesses in the city to install a security system to their specifications.

The ordinance would require those businesses to install a security system consisting of at least 3 cameras with 1 covering the counter and register area, 1 camera providing “a clear, identifiable, full-frame image of the face of each person entering and leaving the business establishment.”, and 1 camera giving an overall view of the establishment’s parking lot. (pg 4 of the draft linked below) Businesses with multiple registers and/or entrances would require more than the 3 minimum.

According to an article from ABC 12, https://www.abc12.com/content/news/Flint-considering-ordinance-requiring-security-cameras-at-certain-businesses-563244521.html “Sgt. Booth added the cameras would not contain any facial recognition software.”, however in the meeting where the draft was presented, Councilman Eric Mays asked if the ordinance proposed contained facial recognition and the Chief of Police said, “It might… it might depending on the business and the location.”

Flint Councilman Eric Mays asks about facial recognition

To clarify this point, Sgt. Booth would technically be correct, as facial recognition is typically software based and not integrated into the hardware itself, so the cameras themselves wouldn’t have to contain it. The police would only need access to the feeds themselves and then they could run any facial recognition software on their own, which they would have according to the same article where Sgt. Booth said, “They would allow us access through a web-based program and platform. And we will be able to monitor the cameras, just like they can, on those locations.”

That describes remote access and while the draft covers unspecified access after a crime has occurred, I was unable to find any language requiring the business to provide remote access to simply monitor the cameras at anytime. One of the 3 requirements for the camera system is a full frame face image however so the raw data would be there.

I reached out on Wednesday to both the mayors office and police department for comment and clarification on the proposed draft and have not heard back.

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Spends An Afternoon In Flint With Mayor Karen Weaver

By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT, MI – New York Senator and Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand came to Flint during her tour of the state on Friday afternoon, July 12th, bringing in her campaign bus and campaign slogan, “He broke it, we’ll fix it.” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver met the Senator at the Flint water plant to welcome her to the city and join her on a tour of the plant led by Craig Hamilton.

Senator Gillibrand asked the Mayor and Mr. Hamilton several questions about the state of the water plant and the problems it had, along with its future for Flint and they informed her of the plan to convert part of the plant into a bottling facility for water.

After the water plant tour, the Senator and Mayor headed over to the Flint landmark and home of Claressa Shields and many more greats, the Berston Field House. Berston Field House is in the midst of extensive planning and renovation thanks to the Friends of Berston and features multiple panels outside that pull condensation from the air to provide clean water for the facility. Bryant Nolden, the Executive Director of Friends of Berston, joined the Senator and Mayor in a toast to clean water, with the water provided by the panels themselves.

After leaving Berston Field House, everyone headed to downtown Flint for a walk. Senator Gillibrand and Mayor Weaver started their walk at the Flint Farmer’s Market and stopped in several downtown businesses, including Flint City T-Shirts and the Capitol Theatre.

Before leaving for her Lansing visit that night, the Senator took some questions along with the Mayor. I asked the Senator if she thought only citizens should be allowed to vote and she replied that she did. The full question and answer session with the press is here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX5rx0KHYdQ&w=560&h=315]


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My Interview With State Representative Sheldon Neeley


By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT, MI – I recently was able to sit down with State Representative Sheldon Neeley regarding his run for Mayor of the city of Flint and topics covering the water crisis, blight, legalized gambling, recreational marijuana use, military exercises and more. My intention was to present this set of questions to all candidates and print all their answers together for the citizens of Flint. Representative Neeley was the only one who agreed to my interview request, and he did so quickly with no conditions when I reached out.

Q: Would you like to make a general statement to the voters?

Neeley: “Part of doing this interview and being the first person to agree to this particular interview is showing the level of transparency that I have and we will follow this level of transparency. The public has a right to know and have access to their elected officials that work for the public. Me agreeing to this particular interview before any of the other candidates shows that level of transparency that we will bring forth to the mayors office as we have done in the city council and the state representatives office. In every aspect transparency and truth has its importance and we believe that and we are going to provide a great example in the mayors office to just that.”

Q: Would you support a casino in the city of Flint?

Neeley: “That has been visited before in the Flint community. That was talked about a few years back, maybe about ten years back, and that was a referendum put before the people and the voters of the city of Flint. In order to support any particular initiatives like that, that would have to go before the voting public and the public would have to say yea or nay to any particular legalized gambling or legal gambling facilities inside of the city of Flint before I would put my support for or against it.”

Q: Since the legalization of cannabis last fall, there have been several different proposals put forth by different groups for previous convictions, ranging from expunging some or all previous cannabis crimes to releasing all current prisoners that are incarcerated for only cannabis crimes. Do you think anything like this should be done with previous convictions?

Neeley: “Absolutely. I think those of us of like thinking and knowing; and understanding that this is now the law of the land by a vote of the public; that individuals that have been incarcerated and/or have a crime attached to their record as it relates to marijuana, relief should be provided for those individuals and I have supported that initiative by way of putting legislation in from my current role as a state legislator to expunge those non violent misdemeanor crimes as it relates to marijuana.”

Q: Would you support public cannabis use businesses that function like bars do?

Neeley: “In the letter of the law where the legal usage of marijuana is now legal, in that aspect, I would support it in that aspect. Now as it relates to where and how bars would expand upon their services and/or use inside of their facilities, they would have to move only as is legal in the state of Michigan. Smoking in bars and public facilities are no longer allowable so I wouldn’t support any particular legislation or laws that would impede upon other laws.”

Q: In June 2015 the military conducted training exercises in the city of Flint. Would you support similar operations taking place in the future in Flint?

Neeley: “No I would not support any particular paramilitary or military activity inside the borders of Flint prosper jurisdiction to where we have any particular exercises where use of firearms or any other activities like that training type of activity would go forth. Now some training activities, if it’s training on how to rescue and different things of that nature, we would be supportive of that type of activity, but no training activity
as it relates to firearms or using any other instrument of mass destruction.”

Q: What is your plan for all the empty houses and vacant lots in the city of Flint?

Neeley: “Hopefully we can back fill that with families and start returning some of this vacant land space to new construction and some of the vacant land space to new residents and we have portions of our community, by using innovative technologies and other things, to be able to recreate land space to where we have livable space to where we have families coming back in the community to live.”

Q: Do you think the Flint Police Department was fairly portrayed in the Netflix documentary, “Flint Town”?

Neeley: “I don’t think I fairly can answer that question because I didn’t watch the full series “Flint Town”. From the small snippets I did see, I cannot give a full judgement whether it was portrayed fairly or not.”

Q: Do you agree with the charges filed to date for the Flint water crisis? (Note – This question and all others were asked on May 20th, 2019)

Neeley: “I think the charges should be more extensive and more broad. The charges that have already been given were only misdemeanor charges and I think they should have been more severe in their charging and prosecution of those individuals that broke the public trust.”

Q: Do you think Flint citizens should be awarded civil settlements from the State of Michigan from the water crisis?

Neeley: “Absolutely.”

Q: What is your plan to make sure the water problem is completely fixed?

Neeley: “This is going to be an ongoing recovery process. It’s not going to be only physical, it’s not going to only be structural, but its going to also be a mental thing because the residents of the city of Flint have experienced a traumatization and you have to have some mediation of the trauma that’s been caused to this community. So therefore you have to have some ongoing services applied beyond just the replacement of pipes to be totally recovered from this ongoing crisis. We have to have mediation at all levels; mental, physical and infrastructural.”

Q: Will you guarantee to have the water problem completely fixed by the end of your first term if elected?

Neeley: “If anybody would be able to guarantee that things could happen I would think they would be giving a false promise but we will do everything in our power to be able to make sure that every family is made whole from this water crisis and we will do everything in our power to make sure that we can get this problem behind us. We have a vision beyond this water crisis.”

Q: What will be your first action you take if sworn in?

Neeley: “We have to be able to replace the capacity in the city hall. We have many departments that don’t have leadership. We have to make sure that we have the capacity to provide services to residents. We have to abide by the city charter. We have to do all those things that’s mandated to us by law and we will fulfill every obligation that we have pursuant to law and also provide the best service available to residents by making sure we have the best qualified staff to do so.”

Q: What do you bring to the table that other candidates don’t?

Neeley: “A level of experience, teamwork, understanding, and also a vision to take us beyond the water crisis and through this particular crisis and also to give us a level of stability inside the city of Flint. We have a wealth of knowledge and wealth of experience and we stand by our track record moving this community forward.”


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The Cannabis Cup Delivers Despite Long Lines and Some Rain

You could smell this bag from 20 feet away

By Shelby Ferguson

Clio, Michigan – The Cannabis Cup returned to Michigan for the first time since legalizing recreational cannabis last fall and it turned out to be a great weekend overall! Politics and ill will seemed to mostly take a break for the weekend as everyone simply enjoyed the large variety of vendors, food and music. There were several innovative cannabis products on display, including prepackaged CBD-only cigarettes and the option to add CBD to your smoothies. Pain management was a strong theme in many booths and most remained crowded throughout the weekend.

Giveaways, games and raffles were everywhere as well, with prizes ranging from a preroll or a lighter to an actual 6 foot tall cannabis plant! Some booths would just throw goodies out into the crowd, with one giving away what must have been at least 50 t-shirts.

As for the cannabis itself? You name it, it was available! One dollar joints, 20 dollar joints, FREE dabs, edibles, drinks, capsules, infused everything, vaping, clones, seeds, etc. This place had it ALL and it was some of the best quality available.

Lil Skies checks out some of the strains available at the Cannabis Cup with some fans

The Cannabis Cup isn’t complete without some live music as well! Aside from one announced performer having a family emergency, the music delivered some great entertainment and the crowd seemed to love it, rain or shine. Busta Rhymes headlined a sold out Saturday, with Too $hort and Lil Skies finishing out Sunday. All in all, a very entertaining weekend for the cannabis world!

Busta Rhymes had the crowd rocking!

Too $hort delivered yet again

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“One Life For Life” Continues Their Mission To End Abortion In Genesee County

By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT – “One Life For Life” (https://www.onelifeforlife.org) has now saved the lives of 107 babies in Genesee County. They continued their mission on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 by gathering outside of the Women’s Center of Flint and Saginaw at 3422 Flushing Road in Flint, Michigan with prayer, fellowship and singing and had support from several people driving by and stopping to ask questions. It was a peaceful gathering with songs like this:

They will be having an event this Thursday for anyone who wants to volunteer and help them with their mission. Anyone interested can contact them on their website or by calling 810-605-5356.

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The Detroit Police Department Gives To The Flint Community With Their “Serve Then Protect” Initiative

By Shelby Ferguson

FLINT – On Saturday April 27th, 2019 the Detroit Police Department brought their “Serve Then Protect” program to Flint to help out the local community with a large selection of much needed supplies including water, food and clothing. Officer Tanda Rawls-Owens, a 23 year veteran with the DPD who helped organize the event, spoke with me about “Serve Then Protect”:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gftrkg-v59Y&w=560&h=315]

The location was River Park Apartments and had a large turnout from the local community. Planning the event took several months and multiple local agencies were on hand to lend support including the Flint Police Department. Volunteers from DPD’s training program also were on hand to help any locals who needed it.

In today’s social and political climate, the need for programs in our local communities like this cannot be understated. Flint and Detroit both have seen very hard times and “Serve Then Protect” is helping to support our citizens in a much needed way.

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Saving Lives: “One Life For Life” has saved the lives of 103 babies in 2 years in Flint, Michigan

Part One Of A Two Part Series On “One Life For Life”

By Shelby Ferguson

pic 2

Nick Staley (Right) and Miles O’Brien (Left) outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Flint, Michigan

“One Life For Life” wants to end abortion in Genesee County, which includes Flint, Michigan and over a dozen other cities and townships. They are working towards that goal by establishing a presence at local places that offer abortion whenever the location is open. They have been at the “Women’s Center of Flint & Saginaw” on Flushing Road in Flint for roughly 2 years now and added the Planned Parenthood location on Beecher Road in Flint a couple weeks ago. Their mission statement from their website here is:

“We partner with gospel leaders to multiply life-giving ministry wherever abortion exists. We want to see the Bride of Christ boldly advancing God’s global life movement, saving preborn lives, healing broken hearts, and proclaiming the infinite value of His Image in all people.”

I talked to Miles O’Brien, a missionary for One Life For Life, at the Planned Parenthood location in Flint, Michigan. That interview can be seen:


So far they have helped stop the abortion of 103 babies locally here in Genesee County. I will have a more in depth article on them in the coming weeks.

pic 3



By Shelby Ferguson

After the MDHHS linked McLaren to the Legionnaires outbreak in 2014-2015 here and the state linked 2 more possible cases of Legionnaires to the hospital just 8 days ago here, the hospital still appears to have significant issues with creating and maintaining a safe and clean environment. I received a tip from a concerned citizen who either had or currently has access to the employee entrance and was told of its condition. I then went to the hospital at my first opportunity to see if there was any truth to the tip and saw that there was. My first video outside the hospital is here and gives a brief introduction.

First let me say that having watched the main video, it does not do the entrance justice. The grime on the doors was noticeable and thick and looked to be there for some time. Ask anyone you know who has worked there over the last few years and see what they say. The smell was heavy and putrid and hung in the air. The condition of this employee entrance was not acceptable in any work environment I have ever seen, let alone a hospital one. After seeing it and smelling it for myself, they could tell me they found nearly anything from testing those doors and I would believe it. Imagine a large petri dish with a large floor-to-ceiling heater blowing on it constantly to encourage growth and spread it through the air to the rest of the hospital and to anyone passing by and you have an idea of the main employee entrance at McLaren Hospital in Flint, Michigan.

As employees and others exit that hallway, the cafeteria is just down the hall to the right. Who knows how many people walk into that area every single day with residue from that door on their skin and clothing that is then passed to parts of the cafeteria and others. There are no handles on the doors as you can see, so the majority of people either use their hands or body to push open the door and going in either direction would leave at least some residue from the grime I saw. Just to the left after the hallway are the main central elevators. That means the immediate areas that the majority of people enter directly after contact with those doors are the cafeteria and the main central elevators. The risk for fast spreading contamination looked very real.

While I would hope they immediately clean all their entrances thoroughly and replace any doors in the condition of the ones I saw, unfortunately I think this entrance is only indicative of a larger problem concerning their outlook towards creating and maintaining a safe and clean environment in areas the public doesn’t normally see. It is possible this entrance is an anomaly and not an indicator of a larger problem and I hope that is the case. Unfortunately I think logic points the other direction. Decide for yourself.

Video of employee entrance is here. Both videos were filmed April 18th, 2019.

McLaren did not respond to my request for a comment.

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