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  • March 3, 2021
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Booted Off Social Media Over QAnon? Join Us at QAnon.Social!

As many of you know I have been blocked from getting back on social media after a self imposed hiatus. No matter what I do I am blocked from even creating an account, saying that me doing so is apparently somehow violating community guidelines. So I said screw it, if I am going to be blocked from Facebook, I would make my own social media platform for me and other like minded QAnon folks to thrive in–and maybe even get some work done without being hassled and taken down like terrorists.

So I am finally proud to bring the world https://QANON.Social. Some of you might remember a while back I had launched QArmy.social, which got quite a bit of attention, but after discovering that the QArmy creator himself InTheMatrixxx had already started his own social network, I deferred to his project and assisted him with some aspects of it. But now, in the face of tremendous opposition and unscrupulous censorship, our movement is being splintered and silenced across the board. But no longer!

I have worked tirelessly to develop this platform in a secure and robust fashion to offer not only the normal Facebook offerings, but also an embedded Meme Generator, a digital library for sharing books and documents, the ability to create your own pages, blogs, forums and groups. It’s like Facebook and MySpace without the glitter and annoying profile overlays.

Soon we will have live streaming, community badges and much more. But I need to beta test the platform in it’s current mode, which means I need users (like YOU). I need people to sign up, load in content and feel your way around the place. Find the bugs, report them to me at support@qanon.social or through the Contact Us links throughout the site. Help me develop a more better Help section. I want to make my server smoke from the activity!

I am offering this platform for free for all, with no gimmicks, no sales ads and no membership pay for play tiers. There is a donation button for those who are so inclined, but that is not required. I just need bodies at this point…or…user accounts…you know what I mean! So come on out and check it out, we won’t bite, I promise!



A Voice in The Wilderness: Blocked From Social Media, Blocked From Life in The Days of Pandemic

So last month I decided to take a break from social media. Dave Rubin does this once a year and he was announcing his annual departure from social media and I thought, “yeah…I could probably use a break, too.”

I was having some issues with my wife for some reason not seeing my content on Facebook anyway, so I figured a 30 day break, along with a clean purge from Facebook and starting my profile over might be the full reset I needed. I have been growing ever resentful of the power and influence of social media over our lives over the past few years, and even a small part of my mind even felt like maybe this would be a permanent separation from the social media sphere. Little did I know how much of a departure it would actually become…

I got through the thirty days without much of an issue. I was kept abreast of the important family and social things going on through my wife and others, but was blissfully free of the scrolling dopamine fix that takes up hours of our daily lives. But after a while I decided there was some utilitarian needs for Facebook that I needed to have access to like pages for blogs, group access for my community and sales pages, etc. So my plan was to create a mostly blank profile to accomplish these goals. I was going to sign back up with a new email address and move on from there.

To my surprise I was blocked for violating community guidelines immediately after submitting the first page of information. There was no elaboration, let alone an explanation. Of course there is no way to contact Facebook directly and no public facing tech support without having an account to access through. I decided “Okay, maybe they think I am someone trying to impersonate me”, so I re- applied for an account using my original information Facebook had for me from my original account. Same email address, same password, same everything. I was able to sign up and access the security settings where I began limiting access to my profile as much as possible and turning on 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for extra security. I then went to go add my wife as a friend and BOOM. Ban hammer strikes again, for violating community standards. This time there was a button “Options”.

So I uploaded a picture of myself. A day went by and on the second day I tried to login again and I was then informed I was fully banned again after review and this cannot be appealed or reversed. I have now tried resetting my 2FA attached to the account and got a similar option to verify identity so I uploaded a picture of my driver’s license. Will this be enough to prove I  am me? Is me proving I am me really what is keeping me from signing back up? Or do they have a secret list of users they cannot terminate without violating their own rules? Am I on a “Pro-Trump” list that is banned until after the election? What remains on Facebook after I “delete” my account? Doesn’t this make Facebook more of a social passport than just a social media site?

What about the effects to people who have a majority of their family across the country and Facebook was the only way they could regularly communicate and feel “closer” too? Through social media, we have become interconnected in a way never before thought imaginable. I have a community online that I cannot have anywhere else. It is highly diverse, mostly politically agnostic, even (I leave my political ranting for Twitter mostly). Dr. Disrespect, a popular gaming influencer formerly on Twitch, suffered deeply because of his forced disconnect from his community online. And now, I am honestly ashamed to say, I am feeling cut out from society, from my people…even…trapped in reality where I am beginning to see a greater percentage of our life is no longer being spent.

Now, especially during the pandemic, I am restricted to phone calls and texts, which is still more than anyone had thirty years ago, sure, but because why? My political affiliation? My opinions? I have never even been so much as timed out while I was active on Facebook. But now it is harder for me to get on Facebook than it is for fraudsters to get a fake ID. In fact…come to think of it…they are making it harder for me to sign back up to Facebook than they want it to be for people to vote for your President…!

Hollywood shows us this dystopian future where the main stream society is disjointed from the low-tech, forgotten remains of society, often living beyond high walls or under lofty cloud cities in the filth of the Earth. Well, folks…I think we may already be there!

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