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Ep. 422 Voter Fraud & Censorship

by Derik, Janet & GloryAnon           Posted: December 21, 2020

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In this episode, Derik, Janet & Glory Anon return from the weekend off for another week of broadcast excellence here on The Common Sense Show & on The Patriots Soapbox Live News Network! In hour #1, Derik & Janet will rewind and discuss all of the weekend headlines you may have missed WITHOUT the liberal spin. Right out of the box today, Derik & Janet had the pleasure in talking to State Senator from Pennsylvania’s 33rd District, Doug Mastriano. Doug, Derik & Janet discuss the voter fraud that took place in his state and Senator Mastriano gives an update to voter fraud in Pennsylvania. 

In hour #2, the guys will review stock the latest stock numbers, which were just released courtesy of MarketWatch. In hour #2, Derik & Janet had the pleasure to be joined by host of The Patriot Reload Show on The Patriot Network, Gary. Gary, Derik & Janet discuss interview censorship towards Conservatives and Gary talk about his 2 new audio and video platforms. Stay tuned towards the end of the show for our Patriot Song Of The Day. 

Special Guest:
State Senator Doug Mastriano (on Twitter: @dougmastriano)
(on Twitter: @SenMastriano)

Gary (on Twitter: @AwakeYoda)
(Podcast: PatriotCaster)
(Video: The Patriot Network)



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