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Flushing – April 17, 2020 – First, I would like to emphatically state that I am not making any accusations in this article, I am only asking questions and presenting information I found while asking questions. I believe these are fair questions given the inconsistencies and information, or lack of, that I have found.

Second, credit to @QBlueSkyQ, whose twitter thread and research on this initially led me to do this research.

Sharon Mobley Stow (formerly Acosta). Who is she? There are very few answers available for that question. When you google her name, you are presented with a plethora of pictures of Jim Acosta along with a woman who very much appears to be Huma Abedin, along with a few photos of other different women. You also will find articles from several unknown websites which all basically say the same thing: that Sharon was married to Jim for 24 years; they had 3 children – 1 daughter whose name is not known, 1 son and daughter whose names are known; she is a very private person; she is well respected in her field of nursing, where she received her license in 2015; and she divorced Jim in 2017.

That’s about it on her from multiple articles, although each one does seem to have one or two small parts unique to that article, while other areas appear to be copy and pasted from other articles. That didn’t give me much to go on, although almost every article did state that she attended James Madison University after she graduated high school in 1989, where she met Jim and dated him for several years before they got married at a small, private ceremony in 1994. I found the yearbooks for James Madison University online, verified it was the one Acosta attended, and downloaded free copies from their website for each year from 1989-1993 and started looking through each class of each yearbook, in case she was listed in the wrong section. I checked every class in each book for both Mobley and Stow, again in case she was listed incorrectly.

I found no students with the last name of Stow from 1989-1993 in “Bluestone”, the yearbook for JMU. I found one student with the last name Mobley but she was a senior in 1989 and had a different first name and was not in other years. No Sharon Stow, or Sharon Mobley, or any Stow, was listed under any student listing, or back index of students, in any of the 5 years I checked. I did find Jim Acosta’s senior pic in the 1993 edition and him pictured with the campus radio station in the 1992 edition, which confirmed I have the right school and yearbook.

That is definitely odd, but could potentially have reasonable explanations. Next, I wanted to verify her nursing license from 2015. I was able to find her listed on the state of Maryland’s licensing website, which confirmed she applied for a temporary license on 9/1/2015, and then a permanent license on 9/14/2015, which were both granted to her under the Acosta last name. Her permanent license was renewed in 2018 (but she did not change her last name on her license, despite them divorcing in 2017 according to all information available) and is active until 12/28/2020. This information is all public record available on their website.

What I could not find was any verification of employment, or any nursing records of any licenses before 2015. What exactly did she do from 1994-2014? She wasn’t a housewife most of the time, which is evident from Jim’s Instagram, where he has several picture of him and his kids, who were all three young in the mid 2010’s. What is missing from his Instagram are any pictures of his wife, or any happy birthday wishes to her on 12/26, or any mention of her being pregnant or in labor with their children, or any mention of her at all that I could find in his over 2,100 Instagram posts to date. It is possible that Ms. Stow is a very private person and had Jim under strict orders to not mention her or post pictures online, but that wouldn’t account for not being listed in the yearbook, and allowing both to be coincidental is a bit much, at least for me.

I reached out to JMU to try to verify her degree and have not heard back. I also reached out the the church where their wedding took place in 1994 to verify that and have not heard back. I am also trying to verify her working in Maryland since 2015 and have been unable to do so yet. The marriage licenses from Maryland are not available online for 1994 and I am unable to travel there in person to look at them. Jim does have a book out and it is possible there is more information in there, but after viewing his over 2,000 Instagram posts, I am unable to subject myself to the level of torture that reading his book would inflict upon me, so you have my apologies for that failure.

Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for all this, and all I am doing is asking questions and presenting information I found. The overall picture is odd at best though and being more than just odd would lead to more questions that will take more research. I will leave speculation and theories on other reasons up to you. Who is Sharon Mobley Stow? That is all I am trying to answer. To those who would say she has a right to her privacy, I agree, but I also would say that her being married to such a high profile and public figure as Jim Acosta for more than 2 decades allows for a fair level of scrutiny and verification of the information that is given to us about her. I have not been able to verify anything about this woman aside from her RN license being issued in Maryland in 2015 and being renewed in 2018. Not one other fact is independently verifiable at this time. I will continue my research into this and update this article as more information becomes available that can be independently verified.

Do you have something you think the public needs to know? Contact me at [email protected] or @QuirkyFollowsQ on twitter, DM’s open. I protect my sources.