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Don’t look now, but we may be about to see a Russian version of Desert Storm in Ukraine. Allow me to explain Russia’s potential plan of action.
Desert Storm was perhaps one of the most decisive and influential military operations of the twentieth century. Executed during of the 1991 Gulf War, the operation’s objectives were far-reaching; the campaign entailed a forty-two-day US-led coalition air campaign supported by space and cyber capabilities, followed by an overwhelming ground operation. The principle idea entailed the deployment of precision air, missile, space, and cyberspace strikes to degrade and destroy national command and control, thereby empowering decisive ground operations.
Desert Storm Was Historic
No one else up to that point had carried out such an operation; it was a game-changer and a resounding success. Desert Storm effectively shattered the war-hardened Iraqi military by eliminating its ability to command and control its fielded forces and maintain situational awareness of battlefield conditions. The Iraqi war machine was subjected to a decapitating cyber, air, and missile strikes and left its army to be annihilated in the deserts of Kuwait and Iraq.
The principle idea of Desert Storm has dominated modern warfare ever since. Importantly, Desert Storm exposed the military inferiority of the Soviet Union, especially its air defenses and military doctrine, and also military hardware, as much of Iraq’s arms were Soviet purchases. As Graham E. Fuller, former Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the Central Intelligence Agency wrote in summer 1991, “Even in the best light…the Soviet military did not look good in the encounter.”
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