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If Biden-Putin Talks Fail, Expect Moscow To Unleash Russia’s Modernized Military: This week, the U.S. and Russia will engage in diplomatic talks regarding the escalating tensions on Russia’s border with Ukraine. In the run-up to the negotiations, both sides have taken very hard lines in several phone conversations between U.S. President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.
Russia also tabled drafts of two proposed treaties, one between Russia and the United States and the other between Russia and NATO, which make clear that destroying the Atlantic Alliance and dominating Europe, not conquering Ukraine, are Putin’s true objectives. Because Moscow has a narrow window in which it can leverage its current military strength in the service of its irredentist geostrategic objectives, a failure of the two sides to come to an agreement in the next few weeks is likely to light the fuse to a Russian military offensive against Ukraine.
Why Russia Would Attack: Its Military Is Modernized and Ready 
The Russian Armed Forces have been conducting a multi-year military modernization program that is now bearing fruit. Its conventional forces have been reorganized and re-equipped to support a fast-moving “short war” capability. Backing this up is an integrated Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) capability centered on land-based air and missile defenses; thousands of dual-capable ballistic and cruise missiles; advanced electronic warfare and cyber syste …

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