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Posted: Nov 11, 2021 12:01 AM

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For 10 months, Americans have been suffering under Joe Biden and Democrats’ failed policies and power-hungry agenda.Suffering with a raging humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Suffering with a nationwide spike in crime because Democrats have sided with Defund the Police activists. And suffering with skyrocketing prices on everything from gas to groceries. Now, Biden wants Americans to suffer some more. Last week, Biden announced his administration’s forced vaccine mandate had been finalized. This authoritarian move, which Biden first announced back in September, is an equal dose of bad policy and unconstitutional overreach. Americans should see Biden’s mandate for what it is: a reprehensible attempt to avoid responsibility.Biden has failed to shut down the virus like he repeatedly promised he would. Instead of owning up to his failures, Biden is trying to pass blame onto everyday Americans. Biden didn’t do his job, and so now he wants to force Americans to choose between their job and their constitutionally-protected freedoms.For someone who sold himself as “Middle Class Joe,” Biden’s decree forcing vaccinations couldn’t come at a worse time for small businesses and their workers. Small businesses across America are already struggling to climb out of the hole Democrat-led lockdowns created. If that weren’t bad enough, those same businesses are facing a historic labor shortage because Biden paid people more to stay home than go to work. Forcing vaccinations would only dampen the economic outlook for small businesses already being squeezed in Biden’s struggling economy. Unlike large corporations, many small businesses can’t afford the fines Biden want to impose for not complying with his federal decrees. In some cases, the penalties could be as high as $14,000 per employee. For many small businesses, this mandate could be what causes them to go under for good. If Biden was paying attention, he would know his mandate is a terrible idea. Americans have already seen the negative consequences of vaccine mandates when they’ve been imposed at the local level. New York City is facing a staffing shortage of firefighters because of Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate. Some fire companies have had to close entirely. Some hospitals have halted providing critical services because nurses previously infected with COVID-19 are quitting rather than being forced into making what should be a personal medical decision. It goes without saying that punishing frontline healthcare workers and first responders who led us through a global pandemic in the name of “public safety” makes absolutely zero sense.  Now, Biden wants to replicate those failures on an even larger scale.In addition to being unconstitutional and unwise, Biden’s mandate is a complete about-face from what he previously said. For months Biden and his administration told us they didn’t have the power to force vaccines and insisted mandates wouldn’t be coming.Biden would do well to stick to his original position. Last week voters in Virginia and across America made it resoundingly clear that they were fed up with the far-left’s obsession with power. But instead of learning the lessons of the red wave elections, Biden is now doubling down. No doubt many Democrats Biden drags down with him in the midterms next year will be thinking about this mandate when they find themselves out of a job.
To be clear, I am pro-vaccine. But you can be pro-vaccine and still oppose unconstitutional measures that hurt our economy and infringe on our liberties.Addition …

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