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We want to thank all our dedicated readers who jump started this website in literally 2 days, one year ago today. We quickly grew to one of the leading aggregation sites in mere hours and continue growing to this day with over 150,000 daily readers who visit multiple times a day.

We foresaw the theft of the election just days before it happened as the media colluded with big tech to suppress the real news about Hunter Biden. We knew there needed to be many new outlets for Americans to get their news from and we wanted to be a part of that. That is what drove us to start this site just days before the 2020Presidetial Elections.

We’ve listened to your voices, built a custom website to exactly what you asked for, and have implemented many changes over the year to make this the best Drudge alternative website.

We have never relied on big tech and social media. We don’t believe in using the tools that we are very much against and this was the foundation that we built this website on. We have grown organically just through word of mouth and want to thank each of you for helping us become what we are today.

We have not been perfect, in fact shaky at times as we learned our way through the media world, but we’re finally blossoming into what we have hoped to become. We run a 24/7 news operation with 5 full time paid employees, including the best web developer who is online everyday ensuring all our updates and servers are running optimal. This is why we have had no issues with our site, like many others. The ad revenue we generate is dumped back into infrastructure to ensure the best user experience and a truly unique website that was not just bought from a website theme store, it was created custom based on your input, and is evolving till this day.

The ability to have the best of both worlds with the direct link to the sources like drudge or the comment page to engage with the community was a readers idea. This is just one of the many that we took into account to develop this website as it is today. If you haven’t noticed that little icon on the homepage after each headline that’s what we are referring to. It’s new and will allow you to go direct to the source article similarly how Drudge Report operates.

This website reflects you, your ideals and we will continue to provide you with the best professional news aggregation on the internet.

We are listening, learning, and evolving.


This was a fan in Wisconsin who showed up to the state capitol representing Populist Press during the election protests. Thank you!




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