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The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals called on all National Institutes of Health leadership to resign, including Dr. Fauci. 
“Our position is clear,” PETA tweeted on Friday. “ALL those in leadership at NIH, including Fauci, should resign.” 

Our position is clear. ALL those in leadership at NIH, including Fauci, should resign.
— PETA (@peta) November 5, 2021

The tweet came after reports that over $400,000 in taxpayer dollars was used to fund experiments that involved beagles being given an experimental drug, then infested with disease-carrying flies, per Fox News. 
“Anthony Fauci and all the NIH directors have defended a cruel, archaic system for far too long. It’s time for them to get out of the way and let modern scientists take over,” Kathy Guillermo, senior vice president for laboratory investigations at PETA, said. “They’ve known for at least a decade that torturing dogs, monkeys and other animals is delaying treatments and cures for humans, but they continually defend the status quo – at the cost of millions of animal lives and billions of tax dollars.” 
“PETA urges all Americans to ask President Biden to appoint NIH leaders who understand that organs-on-a-chip, super computers, 3‑D tissue models and other high-tech research methods must replace animals in the laboratory now.” 

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