Mac Raye – Everyday the question of ‘what can patriots do?’ is asked. Don’t forget that elections are not only important at the federal/national level but also local. How local? School boards are elections that can and are important to families. Education is important, right? Two states in the Union have Gubernatorial elections in 2021. Those are just important. Both of these states have State houses up for grabs and one has the State senate on the ballot which will be explored in another post, but keep in mind those in these states need to get out and vote.

A deep dive into some information is that 22 states have school board elections up. While 17 of them still have open registration. Yes, patriots have missed the deadlines in 5 states. Please check local elections and rules to register including but not limited to deadlines. Please do research! These elections will not affect everyone and on a national level only so much can be researched. It’s up to those on the ground to inform others.

In addition to those school boards, there are 33 states where Municipal government seats are on the ballot this year.  These vary from state to state, municipalities, and/or counties/parishes depending on how the local governments work.  Again, research the positions and requirements- they all vary. A full detailed list will be coming out later until then check out your state’s elections. What can a little research do now when it can provide what to expect in 2022.  Did you know that 36 Gubernatorial races are up in 2022?

The last thing to address is State judicial elections. This one can be a bit complicated and most likely one Patriots must research the candidates to see who would best serve them. There are 14 Appellate court seats of which 13 are intermediate and 1 State Supreme. That one state is Pennsylvania, additional research will be needed before more information can be put out. The list of four states are: Louisiana (2), Pennsylvania (7 plus supreme), Washington (1) and Wisconsin (2).

The most important thing each patriot can do is, RESEARCH. Yes, it will take up some time, but it will be worth it. Is this the long ball part of the game? Most likely! One baby step at a time can still win the battle. One courageous person stepping out will help others to be bold and step out. Local elections are the place where Patriots can start filling in seats. An ally in the seat where our voices can be heard. It is up to each of you to step up and be a part of local and state elections as well as the federal/national ones. Let’s get involved today and continue into 2022 because it’s just around the corner.