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Jim Acosta Has Thoughts About the Soviet Union

CNN’s former Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has been trying out for the prime time slot recently vacated by disgraced former host Chris Cuomo. His “special” program has been titled “Democracy in Peril” because Georgia wants people to show an ID when they vote… or something. Last night, Jim Acosta invited columnist Molly Jong-Fast to discuss Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s first week in office. During the course of the conversation, Acosta out Acosta-ed himself with this little gem: Jim Acosta thinks that Virginia has become “a Soviet-style police state” pic.twitter.com/UmgFTyRIgR— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) January 26, 2022“I seem to remember Glenn Youngkin campaigning in a fleece vest in Virginia.  He was running as a different kind of Republican. I was told there was going to be a vest, not a Soviet-style police state across the Potomac from Washington.”Yes, Jim Acosta compared Glenn Youngkin’s governance of Virginia with a Soviet-style police state. First, let’s pause for a moment and appreciate that a member in good standing with the mainstream media actually referenced the Soviet Union in a way that suggests that the totalitarian communist regime was actually not a sunny, rosy land of unicorns and rainbows. I mean, for decades, journalists were …

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Germany Sends Ukraine 5,000 Helmets To Defend Against Russian Invasion

BERLIN (Reuters)—Germany will supply 5,000 military helmets to Ukraine to help defend against a possible Russian invasion, it said on Wednesday—an offer Kyiv mayor and former world champion boxer Vitali Klitschko dismissed as “a joke” that left him “speechless“.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said Berlin, which has faced growing criticism of its refusal to supply arms to Ukraine as other Western countries have done, was responding to a request from the government in Kyiv.

“I received a letter from the Ukrainian embassy, requesting support with military equipment, helmets to be precise,” she told reporters. “We will supply Ukraine with 5,000 helmets as a clear signal: We are at your side.”

Russia has massed tens of thousands of troops near its border with Ukraine but denies planning to attack its neighbour.

Ukraine‘s ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk said the “symbolic gesture” was welcome but inadequate as his country needs equipment for hundreds of thousands of soldiers, of which helmets are not the most urgently needed part.

“We are glad that we can see at least the beginning of a change in thinking,” he told Reuters. “However, what we need the most are defensive weapons.”

While the United States and Britain have started sending more arms to Ukraine, German chancellor Olaf Scholz has ruled out sending “lethal weapons” for historical reasons.

“This is exactly how we will continue to work in this conflict. We are working towards reaching a peaceful solution to this conflict in the middle of Europe,” Lambrecht said.

At the weekend, the defense minister had said Germany would also supply a field hospital to Ukraine.

But Klitschko, a former world heavyweight boxing champion who lived for years in Germany and is now mayor of the Ukrainian capital, was unimpressed with Wednesday’s offer.

“The behaviour of the German government leaves me speechless. The defense ministry apparently hasn’t realized that we are confronted with perfectly equipped Russian forces that can start another invasion of Ukraine at any time,” he told Germany‘s largest tabloid Bild.

“What kind of support will Germany send next?” he joked. “Pillows?”

(Reporting by Paul Carrel, Sabine Siebold and Andreas Rinke, Writing by Zuzanna Szymanska, Editing by Thomas Escritt and Catherine Evans)

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REVOKED: Stephen Breyer’s WFB Man of the Year Award

Last month, the Washington Free Beacon honored Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer with a 2021 Man of the Year award in recognition of the mental anguish he has inflicted upon the hysterical libs demanding his resignation from the High Court.

We had assumed that Breyer would follow in the footsteps of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose extreme vanity—not to mention her racist ideology—compelled her to remain on the Court rather than allow a black president (Barack Obama) to nominate her successor. We had hoped that Breyer’s own hubris might forestall his retirement—or, more likely, his death—until Donald Trump was sworn in for a second term.

We were wrong.

NBC News reported Wednesday that Breyer plans to retire at the end of the Supreme Court’s term in June. The announcement means that Breyer has finally caved to the libs, who are understandably pessimistic about the Democratic Party’s chances of retaining control of Congress after the 2022 midterms.

President Joe Biden, who has promised to appoint a black woman to the High Court, will now have an opportunity to nominate Breyer’s replacement. (Note: He also promised to “shut down” the COVID-19 pandemic.) In order for the nominee to be confirmed, however, Democrats will need the votes of Sens. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.), who are less inclined to support a radical lib.

Breyer’s impeding retirement is particularly distressing because it represents a rare victory for Brian Fallon, a former Hillary Clinton flack turned judicial activist who has failed to record a meaningful accomplishment in recent years despite raising millions of dollars from liberal donors. In recognition of his numerous failures, Fallon was honored with a Free Beacon Man of the Year award in 2020.

Fallon’s award still stands, but in Breyer’s case we must acknowledge that our judgment was flawed. His Free Beacon Man of the Year award is hereby rescinded. We regret the error.

Editor’s Note: Breyer joins NFL cornerback Richard Sherman as the only Free Beacon Man of the Year winners to have their awards revoked. 

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BREAKING: Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire From Supreme Court

83-year-old Justice Stephen Breyer will retire from the US Supreme Court at the end of the current term after 27 years on the bench.

Breyer, who was nominated by former President Bill Clinton, is currently one of the three liberal justices serving on the highest court of the land.

Breyer’s retirement while the Democrats control the Senate will allow Joe Biden to appoint a far-left justice to replace him.

NBC News reported:

Justice Stephen Breyer will step down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to people familiar with his thinking.

Breyer is one of the three remaining liberal justices, and his decision to retire after more than 27 years on the court allows President Joe Biden to appoint a successor who could serve for several decades and, in the short term, maintain the current 6-3 split between conservative and liberal justices.

At 83, Breyer is the court’s oldest member. Liberal activists have urged him for months to retire while Democrats hold both the White House and the Senate. They contended that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stayed too long despite her history of health problems and should have stepped down during the Obama administration.


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UPDATE: WI Rep Ramthun’s Resolution is Packed with Facts Showing a Corrupted Election – Rules Suggest His Resolution May Not Be Dead in Committee

Yesterday, Wisconsin Representative and American hero Timothy Ramthun proposed a resolution in the WI House calling for the decertification of the corrupt 2020 Election results for President Trump and Vice President Pence in that state. 

The assembly voted unanimously  to move forward Rep. Ramthun’s resolution to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electors for US President and Vice President who were certified under fraudulent purposes.

The resolution in itself is damning and some reports is damning in nature.

**HUGE BREAKING NEWS** — Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Advance Rep. Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s Electors For President and Vice President That Were Certified Under Fraudulent Purposes — VIDEO

Below is Ramthun’s resolution which is seven pages filled with accusations of fraudulent activities related to the 2020 Election.  When read by an independent and objective observer, this resolution is DAMNING.  Here is only one paragraph in the resolution:

Whereas, at its December 8, 2021, public hearing, the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections heard testimony from expert analyst Jeff O’Donnell, who found a multitude of irregularities when he analyzed data from the Wisconsin voter rolls, including that 93.7 percent of active voters participated in the 2020 general election, 205,355 voter registration applications were dated November 3, 2020, 957,977 individuals registered as new voters in 2020, 45,665 voters who registered did not have matching Division of Motor Vehicle records, 22 percent of active voters registered in the 6 months leading up to November, 3, 2020, 31,872 of those voters who registered in that 6-month period are now listed as inactive, and 42,000 voters who voted in the November 3, 2020, election are now listed as inactive; and Here is the entire resolution.

WI Ramthums Election Resolution to Decertify by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Below is a video of the event on the House floor:

But as soon as the resolution was addressed by the House, the RINO House Rules Committee Chair, Rep. Steineke tweeted that the resolution would never get past his committee.

Retiring GOP RINO Chairman of WI Rules Committee Jim Steineke Says “Zero Chance I Will Pass” Representative Ramthun’s Resolution to Decertify 2020 Election Results

But hold on.  Last night several individuals went through the Wisconsin State Legislature Assembly Rules and discussed some rules in the Wisconsin State Assembly that indicate this resolution may not die in the Wisconsin Rules Committee.

Rule 43 (1) on privileged resolutions states the following:

Any resolution or joint resolution relating to the officers, members, former members, procedures, or organization of the assembly or legislature is privileged in that it may be offered under any order of business by a member who has the floor and may be taken up immediately before all other proposals, unless referred by the presiding officer to a standing committee or to the calendar.

From the video, it looks like the resolution was referred to the Rules Committee. assuming that is a standing committee then that appears proper.  However, according to online discussions, Rule 61 also addresses rules of privilege.

Rule 61 states the following – Note (6):

Assembly Rule 61. Questions of privilege. Questions of privilege are under the immediate control of the presiding officer and the assembly. Such questions pertain to the rights, integrity, and safety of the assembly collectively, to the rights, reputation, or conduct of members of the assembly in their representative capacity, or to the conduct of government in general.
(1) “Assembly privilege”: With recognition by the presiding officer, any member may raise and discuss a question pertaining to the safety, dignity, decorum, comfort, rights, organization, or officers of the assembly that requires immediate attention.
(2) “Personal privilege”: With recognition by the presiding officer, any member may rise to explain a personal matter that affects the rights, reputation, and conduct of the member in his or her representative capacity. A pending question may not be discussed in the explanation.
(3) “Special privilege”: Any member desiring to make a statement on a matter other than one of assembly or personal privilege may rise and, with recognition by the presiding officer and within any time limits determined by the presiding officer or the assembly, may discuss any subject relative to state or local government, the conduct of public officials in relation to their official duties, or other matters concerning the public welfare, or any question pertaining to the rights of the assembly collectively, its safety, dignity, or the integrity of its proceedings.
(a) A member may raise a question of assembly or personal privilege at any time. Questions of assembly privilege take precedence over questions of personal privilege and both take precedence over all other questions except a motion to adjourn, a call of the assembly, a motion to lift a call of the assembly, or a motion to recess.
(b) Questions of special privilege may not be raised when any matter is under consideration by the assembly.
(5) Questions of assembly or personal privilege have precedence only insofar as they require immediate consideration and are not dilatory.
(6) Once a question of privilege is before the assembly, it is subject to debate and to all proper motions. When the question of privilege has been disposed of, the business of the assembly is resumed at the point at which it was interrupted.

Red Arrow Patriot shared the following on Telegram – related to Ramthun’s resolution:

…in a livestream (https://rumble.com/vt9o7i-band-reunion-w-behizy-canncon-julie-green-marcus-dee-and-neil-johnson.html) discussion tonight, Marcus Dee pointed out that if Ranthum’s resolution fails to get traction in [the Rules] Committee, he may be able to introduce an amended version of the resolution to the Assembly and call for a floor vote. “We’d need 13 RINOs to change their minds,” Marcus says. “But at least we’d know where everyone stands,” Behizy added.

It looks like there may be strong arguments preventing crooked RINOs from burying this resolution.

Wisconsin Assembly Rules Committee Members:

Representative Vos
Representative August
Representative Petersen
Representative Vorpagel
Representative Kuglitsch
Representative Tittl
Representative Plumer
Representative Dittrich
Representative Neubauer
Representative Hesselbein
Representative Spreitzer
Representative Subeck
Representative Pope
Representative Baldeh

How can you help? Contact the rules committee members and tell them to put the resolution through.
You can reach your legislator by calling the Legislative Hotline.

In Madison, dial 266-9960. Toll-free, call 1-800-362-9472.

Speaker Vos can be contacted using the below links:

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SpeakerVos?s=20

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SpeakerVos/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/speakervos/?hl=en

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 608-266-3387 & 608-266-9171


State Capitol

Room 217 West
PO Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708

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Fake News Fail: Only 31% of American Voters Support US Ground Troops in Ukraine to Protect the Border as US Border Remains Wide Open

The Biden regime wants to send US tropps to Ukraine to protect its border with Russia.
Meanwhile, over 500,000 illegal aliens stormed the US border in the first fiscal quarter of this year. The Biden regime could not care less.

The US does not deserve borders according to the Biden regime.

So, is it a surprise that only 31% of voters support Joe Biden’s war with Russia?

The Washington Examiner reported:

War is usually a rallying point for presidents, but the public is not in a mood to back the Biden administration’s push for up to 50,000 troops to the Ukrainian border or the president’s handling of the crisis.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey previewed by Secrets, the nation is split over sending troops to the region if Russia attacks Ukraine as some fear.

Voters are divided three ways, with 36% against sending troops, 31% for, and 33% unsure.

Those are far from the supportive numbers the administration would like but better than the horrible findings on his overall handling of the long-simmering Moscow-Kiev feud. On that question, Rasmussen said just 30% rate the president’s handling good to excellent. Most, 62%, call it fair to poor, with “poor” winning half of all quizzed, including 21% of Democrats.

BREAKING: Only 31% want US troops to defend Ukraine – Rasmussen

— Wag the Poso (@JackPosobiec) January 26, 2022

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Justice Breyer to Retire from Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire from his position on the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to a report.

Breyer is one of three remaining Democratic-appointed justices on the Court, Just the News reports. If he retires, Biden will have the opportunity to appoint a left-leaning justice for a lifelong term. This would also preserve the 6 to 3 split between conservative and liberal-leaning justices

Breyer is the oldest member of the court at 83-years-old.

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Kamala Harris To Supreme Court? Fox News Hosts Say It Could Happen

President Joe Biden and the Democrats may have just solved their issue with the incredibly shrinking poll numbers for Vice President Kamala Harris.

What position could Harris have that her poll numbers and popularity would not matter and she could stay in power forever?

Fox News hosts speculated on Wednesday, after liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was reported to be retiring, that Harris could meet the criteria Biden is looking for in the next Supreme Court Justice. Namely, black, female and young.

Because, after all, if you check all of the woke boxes who cares about anything else?

“This person has to be a woman, she has to be black and she has got to be younger,” Harris Faulkner said. “Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? They do not know what to do with Kamala Harris in the White House right now. I can’t be the only person seeing this.”

Cohost of the show and former White House Press Secretary for former President Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, weighed in.

“I think you’re right,” the host said. “That was playing in my mind from the moment we heard about this retirement. You know, it is, politically speaking if you are not happy with your vice president and want her in a different role, there is no greater role than the Supreme Court. It is a role that anyone would be honored to have.”

She noted that there is no reporting on Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court and they were just speculating, but she continued.

“It’s a possibility. I think she’s at least on the shortlist and maybe it’s a position she’d readily want to consider or accept given the challenges of the vice presidency. Given the frustrations she’s incurred,” she said.

Fox News is floating Kamala Harris for the SCOTUS seat, just amazing stuff. pic.twitter.com/QLNA1tJlzF

— Matthew Gertz (@MattGertz) January 26, 2022

This came hours after it was reported that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring and giving Joe Biden the opportunity to replace the liberal justice.

NEWS: Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire, @PeteWilliamsNBC reporting live on @NBCNews Special Report

— Josh Lederman (@JoshNBCNews) January 26, 2022

BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, @NBCNews has learnedhttps://t.co/YFAkggcOaw

— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) January 26, 2022

JUST IN – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire (NBC) pic.twitter.com/jGKkRX0pl3

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) January 26, 2022

Last year, Breyer addressed the calls from many Democrats that he retire when he can be replaced by a Democrat president and Senate.

He spoke to host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” months ago where he said he does not plan on dying as a member of the court as his colleague, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did.

Wallace played a video of an interview he had with the late Justice Antonin Scalia where the justice said “I would not like to be replaced by someone who immediately sets about undoing everything that I’ve tried to do 25 years, 26 years. Sure I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Unless you think I’m a fool”

“Do you agree with Scalia that a justice who is unmindful of the politics of the president who replaces him is a fool?” Chris Wallace said.

“I don’t intend to die on the court,” Breyer responded. “I don’t think I’ll be there forever.”

“I see the point,” Justice Breyer said. “Probably in the background there are many considerations. Many, many considerations.”

Wallace then asked him about Democrats who have been calling for him to retire as he played a clip of Sen. Amy Klobuchar he should retire “sooner rather than later, if [he is] concerned about the court.”

“I think they’re entitled to their opinion,” he said as he laughed.

“There are factors. There are many factors, in fact, quite a few, and the role of the court and so forth is one of them,” he said, “and the situation, the institutional considerations.”

After that Wallace asked him why he didn’t retire and Breyer responded, “I didn’t retire because I decided on balance I wouldn’t retire.”

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