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Email: Statement by NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne on Senior Administration Official Travel to the Democratic…

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January 26, 2022
Statement by NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne on Senior Administration Official Travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
This week, Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh will travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He will be joined by National Security Council Senior Director for Africa Dana Banks and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Amy Holman. The trip underscores the Biden Admi…

Justice Breyer to Retire from Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire from his position on the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to a report.

Breyer is one of three remaining Democratic-appointed justices on the Court, Just the News reports. If he retires, Biden will have the opportunity to appoint a left-leaning justice for a lifelong term. This would also preserve the 6 to 3 split between conservative and liberal-leaning justices

Breyer is the oldest member of the court at 83-years-old.

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Kamala Harris To Supreme Court? Fox News Hosts Say It Could Happen

President Joe Biden and the Democrats may have just solved their issue with the incredibly shrinking poll numbers for Vice President Kamala Harris.

What position could Harris have that her poll numbers and popularity would not matter and she could stay in power forever?

Fox News hosts speculated on Wednesday, after liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was reported to be retiring, that Harris could meet the criteria Biden is looking for in the next Supreme Court Justice. Namely, black, female and young.

Because, after all, if you check all of the woke boxes who cares about anything else?

“This person has to be a woman, she has to be black and she has got to be younger,” Harris Faulkner said. “Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? They do not know what to do with Kamala Harris in the White House right now. I can’t be the only person seeing this.”

Cohost of the show and former White House Press Secretary for former President Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, weighed in.

“I think you’re right,” the host said. “That was playing in my mind from the moment we heard about this retirement. You know, it is, politically speaking if you are not happy with your vice president and want her in a different role, there is no greater role than the Supreme Court. It is a role that anyone would be honored to have.”

She noted that there is no reporting on Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court and they were just speculating, but she continued.

“It’s a possibility. I think she’s at least on the shortlist and maybe it’s a position she’d readily want to consider or accept given the challenges of the vice presidency. Given the frustrations she’s incurred,” she said.

Fox News is floating Kamala Harris for the SCOTUS seat, just amazing stuff. pic.twitter.com/QLNA1tJlzF

— Matthew Gertz (@MattGertz) January 26, 2022

This came hours after it was reported that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring and giving Joe Biden the opportunity to replace the liberal justice.

NEWS: Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire, @PeteWilliamsNBC reporting live on @NBCNews Special Report

— Josh Lederman (@JoshNBCNews) January 26, 2022

BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, @NBCNews has learnedhttps://t.co/YFAkggcOaw

— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) January 26, 2022

JUST IN – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire (NBC) pic.twitter.com/jGKkRX0pl3

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) January 26, 2022

Last year, Breyer addressed the calls from many Democrats that he retire when he can be replaced by a Democrat president and Senate.

He spoke to host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” months ago where he said he does not plan on dying as a member of the court as his colleague, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did.

Wallace played a video of an interview he had with the late Justice Antonin Scalia where the justice said “I would not like to be replaced by someone who immediately sets about undoing everything that I’ve tried to do 25 years, 26 years. Sure I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Unless you think I’m a fool”

“Do you agree with Scalia that a justice who is unmindful of the politics of the president who replaces him is a fool?” Chris Wallace said.

“I don’t intend to die on the court,” Breyer responded. “I don’t think I’ll be there forever.”

“I see the point,” Justice Breyer said. “Probably in the background there are many considerations. Many, many considerations.”

Wallace then asked him about Democrats who have been calling for him to retire as he played a clip of Sen. Amy Klobuchar he should retire “sooner rather than later, if [he is] concerned about the court.”

“I think they’re entitled to their opinion,” he said as he laughed.

“There are factors. There are many factors, in fact, quite a few, and the role of the court and so forth is one of them,” he said, “and the situation, the institutional considerations.”

After that Wallace asked him why he didn’t retire and Breyer responded, “I didn’t retire because I decided on balance I wouldn’t retire.”

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’45th and 47th’: Donald Trump Drops Major News About 2024 Election While Golfing

Former President Donald Trump made his intentions on 2024 known during a golf outing and it was caught on video.

It happened on Tuesday when he was golfing with friends and one of them referred to him as the “45th president.”

Trump responded by saying “45th and 47th,” which would appear to indicate his intentions for 2024.

“47th! Yes, yes!” his entourage said. “I love that. Mr. Donald J. Trump, ladies, and gentlemen.”


45th President – Donald J. #Trump
47th President – Donald J. Trump pic.twitter.com/JVQlfRxMvf

— WRN (WE R NEWS) (@WhiteRabbitNew2) January 26, 2022

In December, one of President Joe Biden’s gaffes led to Donald Trump, his predecessor, ruthlessly mocking him, but that was not the biggest news of the interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

It is official, the 45th President of the United States said that he would love to have a rematch with his 2016 rival Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated for the presidency.

“The other day Hillary Clinton said that if you win again, it is the end of democracy. Will this be a rematch?” the host said.

“Oh, I have no idea. I hope so. I mean, I’d like that,” the former president said. “But Look, the woman is crooked as can be. She cheated in the election. They spied on my campaign.

“Remember I put out that little statement, they’re spying on my campaign, and all hell broke out,” he argued. “You know why it broke out? Because they knew I was right. They knew I was right. And all of these things that happened, let’s see what happens now. Let’s see what happens to Hunter, let’s see what happens to all of it.”

And that is when the interview changed to the topic of the current president.

“Just today (Biden) called Kamala Harris president again. Do you think someone else is directing him?” the host said.

“Well, I never called Mike Pence president. I’ll tell you, I can’t imagine what’s going on. It’s hard to believe,” he said.

“Who’s running the country?” Bartiromo pressed.

“Well, think of it, it was so obvious in this case because 450,000 — he was incensed. He was very upset by that question, asked by a very good reporter, actually.

“But he was very angry at that question. Like, how dare you, what a stupid question, of course. The next morning he was saying how, yeah, this is something that we think is excellent,” Trump said.

“That really means in the truest sense that he is not running this country, because there’s no way you go from indignation to, oh, that’s wonderful,” he said.

As for a rematch with Hillary Clinton, it appears she is still not over her defeat in 2016 and, in a recent interview, she warned of what she believes would happen if Trump won again.

“If I were a betting person right now, I’d say Trump is going to run again,” she said last week on NBC’s “Today.”

“He seems to be setting himself up to do that, and if he’s not held accountable, then he gets to do it again. I think that could be the end of our democracy. Not to be too pointed about it, but I want people to understand that this is a make-or-break point,” she claimed.

“If he or someone of his ilk were once again to be elected president, and if especially if he had a Congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country,” the former first lady said.

“I tried to warn people. I tried to make the case that this was really dangerous — the people he was allied with, what they were saying, what he might do,” Clinton continued.

“I do think, but for Jim Comey and the stunt he pulled 10 days before the election, I would have won. I feel terrible about not stopping him and the people around him, but I feel like now everybody can see for themselves what kind of leader he is,” she added, without elaborating on what constitutional amendments or civil rights Trump eliminated while he was in office.

“Clearly, there were people who liked what they saw, despite what I see as the real dangers to our country. They turned out and voted for him. And he’s trying to get it set up so that will happen again for him, even as he loses, as he did twice, the popular vote,” she went on without elaborating that Americans don’t elect presidents via popular vote, we elect them via the Electoral College.

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MIND YOUR BUSINESS: One State Wants To Make It Illegal To Ask For Your Vaccine Status

South Carolina Republicans have introduced legislation to make it illegal for employers to ask about coronavirus vaccination status.

Republican Rep. Mike Burns, the bill’s author, said he introduced the bill because it’s private medical information and that unvaccinated individuals are suffering real-world consequences.

“We have people in South Carolina that are losing their jobs because they have to report to their employer that they’re unvaccinated,” Burns said. “We also have people who are having their insurance rates put in a different category. They’re charging up to an extra $100 a week more than the vaccinated people. It is absolutely insane to do this kind of thing.”

The legislation, H. 4848, would make it a criminal offense for any employer, business, nonprofit or public entity to ask about someone’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

“I’m your employer, and I asked you if you’re pregnant, I can’t do that,” Burns said. “I can’t ask you if you’re thinking about getting pregnant. I can’t ask you if you got STDs or HIV. I can’t ask any of those private medical questions, but somehow it’s alright to terminate people’s employment because I didn’t take this emergency-use-only vaccine. This is ridiculous.”

The legislation makes asking vaccination status a misdemeanor, that carries a fine of up to $14,000 and/or one year in jail.

Burns acknowledged the legislation has little chance of becoming law since only “about 5% of all the bills” that are filed become law.

Still, Burns said he wanted to take action because “people are getting pretty sick and tired of these mandates.”

Republican state Rep. Bill Chumley served as one of the co-sponsors of the newly-proposed bill.

“South Carolina didn’t want to get in this fight,” Chumley said. “It was brought to us by the federal government.”

“States have a right to impose certain laws if they want to, and to not impose others we feel are unconstitutional,” he added.

A few weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s emergency rule that would have forced large employers to vaccinate or regularly test their employees.

“OSHA’s COVID–19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard, 86 Fed. Reg. 61402, is stayed pending disposition of the applicants’ petitions for review in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and disposition of the applicants’ petitions for writs of certiorari, if such writs are timely sought. Should the petitions for writs of certiorari be denied, this order shall terminate automatically. In the event the petitions for writs of certiorari are granted, the order shall terminate upon the sending down of the judgment of this Court,” the court concluded in a 6-3 decision.

The Supreme Court also struck down a Biden administration order mandating that federal employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Prior to the Court’s ruling, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown ruled against the Biden administration, arguing that the president lacked the authority for the decision.

“The court notes at the outset that this case is not about whether folks should get vaccinated against COVID-19—the court believes they should. It is not even about the federal government’s power, exercised properly, to mandate vaccination of its employees,” Brown wrote.

“It is instead about whether the President can, with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment. That, under the current state of the law, as just recently expressed by the Supreme Court, is a bridge too far,” the judge said.

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Wisconsin Assembly Unanimously Votes To Withdraw Biden’s 2020 Electoral Votes

The Wisconsin Assembly has voted to officially withdraw Joe Biden’s 10 electoral votes, citing voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Last night, the Wisconsin Assembly has unanimously voted to withdraw its 10 electoral votes that contributed to the certification of Joe Biden’s controversial victory following the hotly contested 2020 Presidential Election.

The legislation now heads to the Wisconsin Assembly Rules Committee, and then on to the Wisconsin Senate for confirmation.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Rep Ramthun called for a point of order and took the floor during the open session today. Presented his testimony to pull back the electors for the fraudulent 2020 election.

The assembly joint resolution AJR LRB5782 relating to Wisconsin’s election reform & reclaiming the elector ballots for President & Vice President that were certified under fraudulent intent & purpose.

The bill was introduced by Wisconsin Rep. Timothy Ramthun, coming on the heels of the Resolution To Reclaim, a presentation that details significant evidence fraud, discrepancies, and violation of election laws that took place during the 2020 Presidential Election.

Here are the members of the Rules Committee, who face immense pressure from election integrity activists to pass the bill due to the all the evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election:

Representative Steineke (Chair)
Representative Vos
Representative August
Representative Petersen
Representative Vorpagel
Representative Kuglitsch
Representative Tittl
Representative Plumer
Representative Dittrich
Representative Neubauer
Representative Hesselbein
Representative Spreitzer
Representative Subeck
Representative Pope
Representative Baldeh

Biden currently sits at 306 electoral votes from the 2020 election. Should Wisconsin withdraw these electoral votes, it would bring his total down to 296.

A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win an election.

The U.S. Constitution exclusively gives individual state legislatures the power to conduct elections and assign electoral votes.

CDC Gives Shocking Response After Accidental Release Of Infected Monkeys

Earlier this week, following the much-publicized crash, the CDC released a statement on precautions when dealing with monkeys. The CDC tells the first responders to monitor themselves and contact their physician if they experience symptoms.

“If you were within five feet of the NHP crates without respiratory and eye protection, monitor yourself for signs of illness including fever, fatigue, cough, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you become ill during the 31-day quarantine period (until February 21, 2022), you should immediately report to your physician that you had exposure to monkeys and notify the Pennsylvania State Department of Health at (717) 787‑3350.”

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US diplomatic officials forced to undergo anal COVID tests in China

US diplomats in China were forced to undergo anal swab tests for COVID-19, according to US State Department records obtained by Judicial Watch.The documents, which were acquired through the Freedom of Information Act and published on Tuesday, revealed that at least one of the US diplomatic officials who was administered the humiliating test had received his COVID rectal exam “at his apartment.“In June 2021, Judicial Watch filed an FOIA request for “records about US diplomatic personnel in or seeking to enter China being subjected to anal swab tests for the COVID-19 virus including all complaints and communications regarding such testing,” the organization stated. The request, which initially went unanswered, led to the organization filing lawsuit to obtain the records.Although some details have been redacted from the information dump, emails between US officials confirm that diplomatic officials were anally swabbed to test for the coronavirus by Chinese health officials.“So, a colleague from [redacted] telling our group [redacted] that he was given an anal COVID swab at his apartment,” stated an email from a general services …

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US Trade Deficit Tops $1 Trillion for First Time — Washington Free Beacon

The U.S. trade deficit topped $1 trillion for the first time last year, according to Market Watch.
The deficit jumped from $893.5 billion in 2020—the nation’s previous record—to $1.08 trillion in 2021.  The United States’ economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic has outpaced other nations, spurring increased demand. But Americans have tended toward buying more foreign goods as U.S. businesses have struggled with supply chain shortages caused by worker illness due to COVID-19 as well as government-imposed restrictions and mandates.
During a marathon press conference last week, President Joe Biden credited his administration with having fixed supply chain disruptions brought on by the pandemic.
“I often see empty shelves being shown on television,” Biden said. “Eighty-nine percent are full, which is only a few points below what it was before the pandemic.”
But supply chain issues are still being reported, especially in the auto industry, where new car sales still lag their pre-pandemic levels. Manufacturers rep …

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