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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Calls Ted Cruz a ‘Traitor’ to America

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) a “traitor to your country,” claiming without evidence that the senator incited the Capitol protestors to conduct their rampage through Congress two weeks ago.


Proclamation on National School Choice Week, 2021

The White House Office of the Press Secretary
January 17, 2021




As we mark National School Choice Week, my Administration reaffirms its commitment to solving the civil rights issue of our time: educational inequity. We have made substantial progress on this front, but we must continue our efforts to ensure that each and every family in America has the freedom to choose an education that best meets their needs and values.

Our Nation currently spends more money per pupil than almost every other industrialized country in the world, yet nearly two-thirds of our youth are not proficient readers, and students across all age groups continue to struggle in math. These failures are largely the result of a one-size-fits-all, industrial-style approach to education. Currently, students are assigned to schools based on where they live, so only those whose families can afford to move to a better-performing school district or can afford private school tuition have a choice in the learning environment that best fits their child’s needs. That is fundamentally unfair and unjust. All Americans, no matter their family income, deserve the opportunity to choose the best educational option for them.

What is often forgotten is that the failures of this rigid arrangement disproportionately affect racial minorities and distressed communities, perpetuating a cycle of poverty. We can no longer allow America’s classrooms to be an exception to our Nation’s promise of equal opportunity for all. Instead, we must provide equal access to a quality education for every American student, no matter where they reside. In the land of the free, a child’s zip code should never determine their future.

That is why, I recently issued an Executive Order on Expanding Educational Opportunity through School Choice that provides in-person options for low-income parents forced to send their children to virtual school during the pandemic. But we must continue this progress. Therefore, I renew my call to the Congress to pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, so we can finally take a giant step towards true liberty for students. This landmark legislation would give more than 1 million children the freedom to attend the school that best fits their needs, and would create more than $5 billion in annual tax credits for those who donate to local scholarship funds, empowering more families to choose the best educational setting for their children.

I also call on the Congress to pass the School Choice Now Act, which will ensure every State can fund elementary and high school scholarship programs, so that students do not lose access to their school of choice because of economic disruptions. As too many school districts across the country refuse to open, these scholarships are needed now more than ever so that families unable to afford private tutors or who work during the day can still provide an education for their children.

Education will always be one of the most important factors in a child’s future success. That is why I am fighting to empower all families — of all races, backgrounds, and incomes — with the freedom and the resources they need to make the best decisions for their children. In America, more freedom leads to more opportunity — especially in the classroom. By embracing my Administration’s school choice policy, we will make sure that every American student is able to fulfill their God

given potential.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 24 to January 30, 2021, as National School Choice Week.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventeenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fifth.



Brian Kolfage: One Florida School Combated COVID By Going Back to Normal – As a Result the Children and Teachers Are Safe and Happy

At least one school in Florida addressed the COVID-19 pandemic by looking at the data and science and putting in policies that made sense.  The result is the children and teachers are safe and happy and all are back to normal living.

(Guest post by Brian Kolfage, war hero and founder of We Build the Wall)

I have 2 young children who are in Kindergarten and first grade at a private Christian school here in Florida. Like all other schools across the United States, we were forced to homeschool when the pandemic hit. Following the summer there was a plethora of data available that proved school aged children were the least impacted by the virus.  There was no reason children should not have started school with normalcy anywhere in the USA after learning this data.

When August rolled around, we were pleased to get a message from our children’s school that they would resume normal school operations. No social distancing, no masks, no plexiglass cages around the desks (example below), just normalcy once again as it should be.

The school stated they would treat the virus like any other virus. They were not going to shut down the school, classes, quarantine groups of exposed children and faculty, they were applying common sense using data to create a solution that worked. They were doing the exact opposite that Democrat-controlled states and school districts did.

They did not deny anyone from wearing a mask, however, they said they would not be mask police (like below) and force any child to wear a mask nor encourage them to wear one. In fact, no one here wears masks, I’ve yet to wear one this entire pandemic, I practice herd immunity.

When a child had any symptom of being sick, they were not forced to take a COVID test, they were sent home until their symptoms were gone, then they returned to class. This is the exact same procedure for any virus any other year that they follow. Only a small fraction of kids in the school were affected by COVID and I believe only one teacher had it. By simply having kids practice good hygiene and washing hands they effectively were able to not only control the spread of the virus but were able to do what no other school in the nation did, maintain normalcy for the children.

I now see why people are fleeing their homes in Democrat controlled states to live in Florida.

It’s now January 2021, five months into the school year and there have been no large-scale outbreaks, no deaths, and no ridiculous COVID-19 restrictions. Our children are allowed to play sports, socialize and be normal. We didn’t need any vaccine to restrict the virus, kids aren’t as susceptible and most don’t have symptoms period.

The school gave all the teachers the option to work, if they feared the virus they were not forced to work. There was no need to shutdown schools across the nation for a virus that was not deadly to most young healthy adults. Like President Trump stated, the response shouldn’t be worse than the virus itself.

And now LA County is talking about making it mandatory for children to get the vaccine to attend school. This is child abuse, why would any parent force a vaccine that has not been tested for long term abnormalities into a child who is not at any elevated risk?

At some point the line must drawn and the high risk must be the ones who take the action to self-isolate rather than forcing an entire nation to shutter its doors, and kill commerce of the local economy. It’s time to follow the data and make decisions based off that rather than decisions based on fear.

It is time to return to normal, as our lives have been. We are the case that proves common sense is the way to fight this and it works. We attend sporting events for our kids, they attend school full-time restriction free, we’re free…

(You can help support Brian at his website fight4kolfage.com)

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Dirtbag McMaster Accuses President Trump of “Anti-Leadership” and “Sustained Disinformation” that Caused Deadly Riots at US Capitol

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States for some reason General H.R. McMaster was appointed his National Security Advisor.

This was a huge mistake.  McMaster was not interested in the Trump agenda or making America Great Again.  Removing McMaster from the White House was a great day in the Trump presidency.

Since that time we now know that McMaster was coddling Obama holdovers in the Trump White House who were actively working to take down his presidency. And McMaster reportedly fired Trump loyalists in the White House.

H.R. McMaster also appointed the fake “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, an ally of Susan Rice, to be his personal aide.  Ciaramella later started an impeachment coup against President Trump over what we now know was a completely accurate and innocent discussion between President Trump and the President of Ukraine on Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play scandal with Ukraine.

On Sunday McMaster accused President Trump of “anti-leadershio” and “sustained disinformation” that caused the deadly rioting at the US Capitol.

Apparently, the fact that Democrats stole the election with massive fraud is not allowed today as polite discussion. We are just supposed to accept this massive lie from the DC elites without question.

McMaster was NEVER on Trump’s side.

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