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Nicholas Sandmann knows a thing or two about being a teenager thrust into the spotlight in the nation’s ongoing political battles. Sandmann was crucified in the press after a standoff with a known radical activist for no other reason than he was wearing a MAGA hat and a smile.

Sandmann would go on to have his day in court, however. The teen would procure an able legal defense team led by L. Wood that would sue The Washington Post, NBC Universal and CNN for $800 million for defamation and harassment. The lawsuits were settled for an undisclosed sum that would undoubtedly tend towards several millions.

Nicholas Sandmann has apparently been watching the national drama over the Kyle Rittenhouse case unfold in the media. The biased left-wing media has relentlessly perpetrated gross distortion and lies over the case since the August, 2020 riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Rittenhouse shot three violent criminal activists who were attacking him.

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