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New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd offered a warning to Democrats following their election losses in Virginia and across the country last week.

On Saturday, Dowd penned a column titled “Wokeness Derails The Democrats,” during which she warned the party that the election losses will continue if they keep embracing “wokeness.” While liberal media outlets have been blaming White supremacy as one of the reasons for Democrat losses, Dowd instead blamed the Democratic Party for “violating” the pledge to be “cool, calm, and reassuring” following former President Trump.

“And that’s what Democrats promised voters: that they could leave behind the vitriol and aggravation of Donald Trump’s America and escape to an Arden that was cool, calm and reassuring. Democrats violated that pledge. On the way to that verdant forest, we got led into a circular firing squad. Tight margins in Congress do not bring out the best in polls,” Dowd wrote.

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