With visions of pints and pounders hopping in their heads, beer connoisseurs prepare for the day ahead.

Barley and Malt flavored popcorn at their side, peanut shells polishing the floor and a bowl of beer nuts on the table aside,

Men and women everywhere grin with pride as they look to the clock and say,

“Why should we wait? Let’s begin this night before it’s too late! It’s New Beer’s Eve after all! A feat not too small.”

They tiptoe to the fridge, taking a peek inside, only to discover the shelves are bare!

“What shall we do? We have no more brew!”

“Stock up we must to avoid this shame, for who shall we blame?”

“For no wine will do. It’s National Beer Day for crying out loud! I beg! We must have a keg!”

Ambers and Ales, light beer (no siree – no pansies around here-ee) stout and pales.

Let us be wise and go to bed now. Responsible we are, we’ll behave at the bar.

Come join us you must! Friday or bust!

Come, family and friends, drink lagers or porters and we’ll make amends for last New Beer’s Eve and some creepy guy named Steve.**

On this holiday, kick up your heels while tipping back your stein. If I’m line dancing keep your hands off mine.

This night can get long just like this rhyme. Hey bartender, fill ‘er up this time!

We’ve danced and we’ve laughed. Drank Belgians and Pilsners. It’s time to go home now and on the way, we’ll stop for some chow.

This night is long spent and so am I. I thought I was winning but it’s the bed spinning. Good thing it’s New Beer’s Eve and this is a dream so I won’t heave.

Tell the world you’re celebrating with the hashtag #NewBeersEve

 Enjoy National Beer Day!

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**Sorry to all the Steve’s out there.

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