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If you’re tired on February 28th, it might be because National Public Sleeping Day encourages a mid-day nap right where you are.  It is a day for anyone and everyone to take a nap on a blanket at the beach, at the park, in the movie theater, on a bus, train, or subway or any other public place that may work for you.  However, it may not be a good idea to take that nap at your desk during work!

Types of Naps

There are different types of naps. The Power Nap is approximately 10 to 20 minutes long and can give a boost of energy to get us through the rest of the day. It also doesn’t leave us drowsy like some longer naps might and will also allow us to fall asleep at a decent time at night.

The Hangover is about 30 minutes long, 10 too many, leaving us loopy and wanting just to stay asleep. We will snap out of it and feel much like we had a Power Nap, but it may take a bit of effort before we feel those benefits.

The Brainiac lasts about 60 minutes and includes the deepest sleep. While we may feel a little grogginess upon waking, much like the Hangover, our ability to recall facts, names, and faces, will be improved. This type of nap may be the best nap after a round of studying or before a big test.

The California King lasts about 90 minutes and is typically a full cycle of sleep. It will also include REM or a dream stage. This nap avoids the hangover like the power nap does and improves creative thinking and motor memory, but nighttime sleep may become elusive.

Good husbands have been keen on these benefits long since the invention of the shopping mall. They are not strangers to public sleeping or the power nap. It may be something the modern non-napping woman should consider.

Some employers have begun to recognize the value of a nap. Studies have shown certain types of naps fuel the brain and recharge our batteries. Naps can improve productivity, decrease health risks and improve morale.

Employers such as Google, HuffPost/AOL, and Nike offer sleep pods or sleep rooms to their employees to reap these benefits.

HOW TO OBSERVE #PublicSleepingDay

Top 5 Places for Public Sleeping
(We recommend leaving all valuables at home to avoid any theft during your slumber.)

5. Under a tree in a park

4. The mall in the middle of the work week

3. Reference aisle of the library

2. Last pew in church during services

1. A theater showing old silent movies

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Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Public Sleeping Day.  Our research did show that it appears this holiday has been celebrated since 2011. – © 2020 All Rights Reserved.