National Penuche Fudge Day on July 22nd recognizes the creamy candy with an Italian name. If you like maple flavor, this nut-filled fudge is for you!

Penuche (pə-​ˈnō-​chə) is pronounced pe-new-chee. The Italian form of the word is panucci.  The fudge-like candy includes the following ingredients: brown sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk.  Lighter in color than traditional fudge, penuche tastes like maple thanks to the brown sugar. If you are looking to celebrate, many shops in New England sell this fudge. There they will add pecans and other nuts, especially if making a candy form of penuche. Southerners call it brown sugar fudge candy.   

Of course, the day provides an opportunity to test recipes, too. Add walnuts or pecans for a nutty texture to any recipe. However, if you prefer the creamier version, nuts are always purely optional. Cook the sugar mixture in a heavy saucepan. Making good candy or fudge is no time to go cheap. No matter what recipe you use, keep stirring and watch the temperature. Always use a candy thermometer. Fudge is finicky and will seize up on you.  

Whether you taste a homemade bite, store-bought or your first bite, be sure to savor it.  Don’t forget to share!


Make your own batch with this Penuche Fudge Recipe.  Will it be with nuts or without?  Post on social media using #NationalPenucheFudgeDay.


We have been unable to identify the origins of National Penuche Fudge Day.