Grab your toppings on April 20th to celebrate National Cheddar Fries Day! What better way to enjoy your fries than with an indulgent dollop of cheddar cheese? Of course, there are several other ingredients that go well with fries and cheddar cheese.

Who can resist crispy, golden French fries topped with their favorite ingredients AND aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese? Fresh ingredients like tomatoes and peppers make mouths water. Add spicy toppings like chili or jalapenos. Mix it up with onions, bacon or a drizzle of ranch. These great combinations delight just about any discerning culinary tastebuds.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCheddarFriesDay

Call up your favorite restaurant and order some cheddar fries to go. Be sure to get extra napkins because you know you won’t get through them without making a mess. You can also prepare your favorite version of cheddar fries at home. What ingredients will you use? Let us know and post photos on social media using #NationalCheddarFriesDay or #CheddarFriesNation.


Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar founded National Cheddar Fries Day in 2016 to celebrate the delicious combination of cheddar over crispy French fries.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to celebrated on April 20th, annually. 

Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar is the home of the original cheddar fries, which were created at the restaurant’s first location in 1978.  A staple at one of Dallas’ most iconic dining institutions, every order of Snuffer’s cheddar fries consists of golden, hand-cut Idaho potato fries and layers of freshly grated, aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Made-to-order, these sinfully tasty and legendary fries come dressed with chives, bacon or jalapenos and have been a habit that’s too good to kick for 40 years and counting. – © 2020 All Rights Reserved.