National Blueberry Pie Day on April 28th each year ushers in blueberry pie-making season. Blueberry harvest begins in April and lasts until September giving us a long season full of blueberry enjoyment.

We’ve been enjoying blueberries in pies since early American settlers arrived. In 1872, the first documented recipe for blueberry pie appeared in the Appledore Cook Book. Blueberries are abundant in Maine, so it’s no surprise that blueberry pie is the state’s official dessert!

This once wild berry became domesticated during the early 1900s thanks to the observations of Elizabeth Coleman White and the research of Dr. Frederick V. Coville. Before their efforts, wild blueberries were never successfully transplanted and raised in any farming operation for personal or commercial production. The only way to enjoy fresh blueberries was to seek them out where they grew naturally.

Through the efforts of White and Coville, today, producers and private gardeners bring to fruition these amazingly delicious berries. From farm to table or farmer to the grocer to you, these vibrant berries pack a punch in vitamins and health benefits.  They make a great snack all on their own or enhance a meal, make stellar desserts or sauces.  Whatever this berry does, it does with panache!

It’s one of the healthiest fruits on the market, too. Full of antioxidants, this nutrient berry helps inhibit cancer development and helps prevent urinary tract disease. Eating blueberries may assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and ease symptoms of depression. 

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Blueberry Pie recipe.

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