February 2, 2021
New York City, New York Special Election – District 24 City Council.
Missed out on this one.

February 9, 2021
Primaries for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- Council – General
Election will be on April 6, 2021.
1. Ward 1
2. Ward 3
3. Ward 4
4. Ward 7- Nikki Nice won because no other candidates ran.
Primaries for Tulsa County, Oklahoma- Treasurer- special

General Election will be held on April 6, 2021.
Democrat Candidates
1. Maria Sanchez
Republican Candidates
1. John Fothergill III
2. Francis Hart III

February 16, 2021
Primaries for Madison, Wisconsin- Common Council and
Municipal Judge. General Election on April 6, 2021.
General Election for Madison Municipal Court. Incumbent
Daniel P. Koval (Nonpartisan)
Primaries for: Districts 9, 16, and 18.
District 9
1. Paul Skidmore (i)
2. Anthony Nino Amato
3. Nikki Conklin
4. Douglas Hyant
District 16
1. Jael Currie
2. Greg Dixon
3. Matt Tramel
4. Tyson Vitale
District 18
1. Rebecca Kemble (i)
2. Veronica Figueroa Velez
3. Charles Myadze
General Elections for all Districts. A list of candidates can be found
here: https://ballotpedia.org/City_elections_in_Madison,_Wisconsin_

Primary is scheduled for Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Municipal Judge.
General Election is April 6, 2021. Candidate Valarie Hill (Incumbent)
(Nonpartisan) is on the ballot.
Dane County is holding elections for county executive, municipal
judges, and special elections for county supervisors.
Supervisor for District 12- Primaries on February 16, 2021.
1. Larry Palm (Nonpartisan)
2. Amani Latimer Burris (Nonpartisan)
3. Goodwill Obieze (Nonpartisan)
Supervisor District 4 – primaries were canceled. On the ballot for

April 6, 2021 is:
1. Cecely Castillo (Nonpartisan)
Dane County Executive – no primary- General Election on April 6,
1. Joseph Parisi (Nonpartisan)
2. Mary Ann Nicholson (Nonpartisan)
Circuit Court information can be found here: https://ballotpedia.org/Municipal_elections_in_Dane_County,_

Looks primaries have been canceled and all listed are up for the General Elections on April, 6, 2021.
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin is having a special election for
county board of supervisors and elections for circuit court judges.
Special nonpartisan primary (February 16, 2021) for Milwaukee
County Board of Supervisors District 10:
1. Aleyah Anderson (Nonpartisan)
2. Priscilla Coggs-Jones (Nonpartisan)
3. James Ferguson II (Nonpartisan)
4. Darrin Madison Jr. (Nonpartisan)
5. Danielle McClendon-Williams (Nonpartisan)
Circuit Court Information: https://ballotpedia.org/Municipal_elections_in_Milwaukee_Coun

February 23, 2021
New York City is also holding a special election for City Council
District 31 on February 23, 2021. Candidates are:
1. Latanya Collins (Collins 4 Queens)
2. Pesach Osina (Community Unity)
3. Nicole Lee (Lee For Jobs 31)
4. Manny Silva (People Powered)
5. Selvena Brooks-Powers (Powers 4 Queens)
6. Nancy Martinez (Rockaway United)
7. Shawn Rux (Rux For Us)
8. LaToya Benjamin (The Time Is Now)
9. Sherwyn James (Time for Change)