Indianapolis April 13, 2020 – President Donald Trump spoke with a different tone during today’s Wuhanvirus Press Briefing.

Joining POTUS for today’s briefing was Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Dr. Deborah Birx and Rear Admiral John Polowczyk.

POTUS shared his warmest condolences on a horrible level 5 group of tornadoes that run rough shot through the South within the last couple days. Trump stated the United States continues to make progress, as the infection rates across nation are going flat, while charts and models early on estimated way more fatalities than latest data are showing. “Nobody’s asking for ventilators, except outside of our country,” POTUS said. “Nobody who’s needed a ventilator has not gotten a ventilator,” according to POTUS, saying it’s the same with hospital beds, “nobody’s asking for beds.” Trump added.

President Trump mentioned he’s getting along very well with the governors. Trump said of Vice President Pence, he described today’s teleconference with state governors “was a 10.” “Everything we did was right,” Trump said. “Governors should have had ventilators, but they chose not to have them.” he added.

POTUS tore the Mainstream Media to shreds during today’s brief. Trump was referring to story that come from the New York Times about him firing Dr. Fauci. “The story in the New York Times is a total fake, someday hopefully in five years, those papers will all be out of business,” Trump stated. “It’s very sad when people write false stories,” he added. “Everything I did, I was criticized for acting too early. I would love to say we had an honest press. I don’t mind being criticized, but not when they’re wrong,” Trump said, after saying he and his health officials have been treated unfairly. “I don’t mind controversy, I think controversy is a good thing,” he added. POTUS showed a short 30-45 sec video with clips from the Mainstream Media, which he tweeted out later in the day.

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“I’ll bet you I have a hundred more clips,” Trump said. According to POTUS, the White House staff assembled the video in less than two hours. “It doesn’t matter, that he retweeted a #FireFauci hashtag,” said POTUS. “Not everybody’s happy with Anthony, but I have some clips from Anthony praising me.” Trump added. Talking about keeping Dr. Fauci in the administration, Trump said “I’m not firing him, I like him.”

The President also announced today that the Health and Human Services awarded five new contracts to procure ventilators under the Defense Protection Act. “We’re ready to rock, they’re probably not needed now, but will be added to the federal stockpile and will bring the number to 110,000 ventilators in the federal stockpile,” Trump noted.

According to Trump, 3 million tests for the COVID-19 infection have been conducted so far and says its the most of any nation and a great rate of testing in the highest and hardest hit areas.

Touching on the 2020 census, POTUS mentioned he will be asking for a 120-day extension for completion of the 2020 Census. “Can’t be knocking on doors now,” Trump noted. Adding that 120-days, “not nearly enough.”

“To the best of my knowledge, I am president of the United States, despite the things that are said. In this time and challenge, we are strengthened and sustained by the bonds of love. Together, we are beating back the enemy and we are paving the way for a great resurgence.” – President Donald Trump

Dr. Fauci had some encouraging remarks about on-going war with the Wuhanvirus. “We’re starting to see in some areas now flattening in hot spots,” he added. Dr. Fauci also mentioned that he spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus today and discussed getting resources like testing to vulnerable communities.

He also wanted to clear the air about a CNN interview he took part in on Sunday and a “hypothetical question” on if we had mitigated earlier would more lives been saved. “Obviously,” mitigation works and President Trump acted strongly on mitigation,” Dr. Fauci noted.

When questioned on “pushback”, Dr. Fauci apologized and said “Pushback was the wrong choice of words to use in the CNN interview. There wasn’t anybody who said ‘no, you shouldn’t do it.”

Secretary Mnuchin stated “The government is “ahead of schedule” on delivering the direct deposit payments. We expect over 80 million hard working Americans will get their direct payment by Wednesday. Those who don’t receive the direct deposits should go to and click on “get your payment” to register their bank account.”

According to Mnuchin, the Small Business Administration and the Paycheck Protection Program have distributed $230 billion dollars to 4,600 banks. He also stated hes prepared to ask Congress for more money, if needed for the Paycheck Protection Program. Secretary Mnuchin added that more than 100 business people are going to help advise POTUS on re-opening the economy.

As President Trump talked about ventilators, Vice President Pence shared the same message. “No one who requires a ventilator has been denied a ventilator in the United States,” Pence noted. There are currently 7,000 ventilators in the federal stockpile and another 8,000 newly manufactured ventilators will be available shortly.

Vice President Pence shared a personal story during today’s brief. He talked about losing his father on this day over 30 years ago, and today as his siblings were sharing photos of him, he thought of those who have lost a family member to coronavirus.

Dr. Birx like Dr. Fauci had encouraging words from the most recent data. “The lower mortality rate in the United States is due to quality health providers on the front lines and the efforts of the public to mitigate,” Dr. Birx explained. “A team is mapping where the testing capacity is across the country. We know that we have to further increase that,” she added.

Rear Admiral Polowczky announced today that the Defense Protection Act was used with 5 manufacturers in order to produce more medical masks.

After all remarks, Vice President Pence, Dr Fauci, Dr. Birx and Rear Admiral Polowcsky opened up the briefing for questions from the media.

Full video of today’s briefing:

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