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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday regarding illegal immigration and border security. 

Mayorkas said the U.S. immigration system is “fundamentally broken” and that “Congress must pass legislation to fix it.” 
Here are the main takeaways, as reported by the Daily Signal:

1. In September, lawmakers and the media falsely accused Border Patrol agents of trying to whip Haitian refugees attempting to illegally cross the border in Texas. Photos circulated of the agents on horseback holding standard long reins used to control their mounts, which some incorrectly claimed were whips. 
Mayorkas, Biden and Kamala Harris suggested wrongdoing and the Department of Homeland Security launched an investigation. 
Sen. Mike Lee asked why Mayorkas has been silent since then. 
“What about the issue of some of your Border Patrol agents recently being accused by some folks in the media of whipping illegal immigrants, when in fact they were not? Why on earth did you not defend them? Has no one in your entire department ever become aware of how someone uses split reins when riding a horse?” 
“Number 1” Mayorkas replied, “I put 100% into my work and I’m incredibly proud to do so. Number 2, I stand with the men and women of our department through and through. I will not prejudge facts before…” 
Lee interrupted to ask, “did you defend them when they were being attacked for whipping people, which they were not?” 
“What I said qu …

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