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A former camera guy for ABC, NBC and CNN has been arrested for threatening to kill Rep. Matt Gaetz and any future children that he has.
Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, 58, was arrested in Los Angeles on an indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Pensacola, Florida.

“Tell [M.G.] to watch his back, tell him to watch his children,” defendant Eugene Huelsman told Gaetz’s office on Jan. 9, according to the two-page indictment shielding the lawmaker’s name as “M.G.” “I’m coming for him, he’s gonna fucking die… I’m gonna fucking kill him… Watch your back, I’m coming for you. I’m gonna put a bullet in you and I’m gonna put a bullet in one of your fucking kids too.”

Federal prosecutors filed the indictment under seal on May 18, securing an arrest warrant that day—but authorities could not immediately locate their suspect, court records indicate.

“The current whereabouts of the defendant are unknown and the public revelation of the indictment could severely hamper law enforcement’s ability to locate and apprehend the defendant to answer the charges,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Goldberg wrote in the original sealing order.

Huelsman previously received five Emmy nominations for his work on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien, worked for CNN, NBC, and ABC.

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