Indianapolis –
What do they have in common?

In a previous article, I introduced Reading Boot Camp. A program that teaches kids how to read, and write using phonics in a fun way.

Now let me tell you a little bit about an art center located in Mars Hills on the south west side of Indianapolis. John Schmitz and his wife, Lisa started the center in a community that needed help. They took a building that was dilapidated and a haven for drug users, and with a lot of sweat, time, and labor of love turned it into a wonderful center for the neighborhood where people can come and gather and take all types of classes to enrich their lives from art to ceramics. Fast forward to this coming Saturday the 25th, at the center the Reading Boot Camp team will be there to teach anyone ,who wants to get involved, how to start the program in their areas. Some of the kids will be there as well and will show you how they are learning to read and maybe teach us a few things. The kids get rewarded as they complete the reading criteria and build self esteem.

Not only can they get cute adorable teddy bears they also get the satisfaction of being able to read ,write and have more options open for their future. Veterans and seniors as well as other students, help teach the kids.This is a program that is much needed back in our school systems. Headed up by Kathleen, Shelley, and Kim who do this all as volunteers and are teachers themselves, They saw a need and they have been fulfilling it.

Look at these wonderful smiles and know that this is a great program that is needed. Come on out Saturday the 25th 10-1. and see for yourself. The show’s Your Voice Your Call and Do Something Indy have done interviews with the ladies of Reading Boot Camp that will be airing next week.

So check it out and join in on helping kids have a brighter future for themselves.