Indianapolis, IN – In light of recent shootings over the past weekend in which American citizens were the targets, one has to wonder why these two particular shootings receive so much media coverage when other shootings don’t get the same amount of attention? What was so different about El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, from St. Louis, Missouri or Baltimore, Maryland? Is this something the mainstream media avoids covering? Is this something which doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s agenda or narrative? Or could it be that these cities have been, and continue to be, Democratic strongholds? Could it be that the mainstream media knows they are not to touch the topic of gun violence in these cities? The old adage “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you” could apply. I’ve posted a list of news articles below, all of which occurred in the same news cycle as the recent weekend shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

KMOV St. Louis: Man dies following shooting in north St. Louis early Monday morning
Democrat Mayor – St. Louis has been under Democrat control since 1949

Fox News Baltimore: Baltimore records 200th homicide of the year after women found shot in her car
Democrat Mayor – Baltimore has been under Democrat control since 1967 Birmingham: 32-year-old woman dies after weekend shooting at Birmingham home
Democrat Mayor Detroit: 2 women injuried in drive-by shooting while standing in driveway on Detroit’s west side
Democrat Mayor – Detroit has been under Democrat control since 1962

Kansas City Star Kansas City: 26-year-old man identified as fourth homicide victim in Kansas City in as many days
Democrat Mayor – Kansas City has been under Democrat control since 1991 Memphis: One dead, three injured in overnight shooting
Democrat Mayor

NBC New York Newark: Double Shooting in Newark Leaves Six-Year-Old Girl Hurt: Police
Democrat Mayor – Newark has been under Democrat control since 1953
(Cory Booker served as Newark Mayor from July 1st, 2006 – October 31st, 2013)

6 ABC Philadelphia: Teen critically injured in Kensington shooting
Democrat Mayor – Philadelphia has been under Democratic control polices since 1952

Fox 21 News Chicago: 7 wounded in Chicago shooting near a playground
Democrat Mayor – Chicago has been under Democrat control since 1931

RTV 6 Indianapolis: Shooting that injured teen near elementary school ruled accidental
Democrat Mayor – Indianapolis has been under Democrat control since 2016

Fox 5 Atlanta: Atlanta police: Women killed during argument outside Magic City
Democrat Mayor – Atlanta has been under Democrat control since 1879 Portland: Portland Shooting: Reports of Multiple People Shot, 1 Dead
Democrat Mayor – Portland has been under Democrat control since 1993

Napa Valley Register Los Angeles: 3 arrested in killing of off-duty Los Angeles police officer
Democrat Mayor – Los Angeles has been under Democrat control since 2001

19 News Cleveland: Police looking for armed and dangerous man accused of fatally shooting Cleveland man
Democrat Mayor – Cleveland has been under Democrat control since 1990

Fox 40 New York: Four Shot During Candlelight Vigil in New York City
Democrat Mayor – New York has been under Democrat control since 2014

After reading through article after article, it begs the question: what is the glaringly obvious, underlying truth? Could it be that all are Democratic strongholds? Could this be why the mainstream media won’t give national attention, or scant attention, to any tragic event if it occurs in a city held by Democrats?

An earlier quote from President Donald Trump still rings true as we begin the campaign for his re-election bid for 2020, “Vote for Trump! What the hell do you have to lose?”