Many of you, especially if you live in the Great State of Arkansas, may have had your world completely turned upside down with the recent turn of events that have taken place in recent weeks in Pocahontas, Arkansas. If you are a resident outside Arkansas and are wondering what this article is referring to, its about the untimely murder of the former Arkansas State Senator and Patriots Soapbox family member Linda Collins-Smith. The news of the passing of the former State Senator Collins-Smith spread like wild fire and so did the disinformation, rumors and conspiracy theories (you know who you are!). The timeline at the end of this article needed to be created and spread far and wide.We hope the following timeline puts to bed the rumors and conspiracy theories spreading about this AMAZING lady and former State Senator.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office gave little information to the media concerning the death of former State Senator Collins-Smith (see Press Release below). This action forced my hand, along with Anons, to start looking behind the scenes of her death by bringing an old concept from dark to light CALLED Investigative Journalism, which seems to be missing in today’s age of reporting.

After checking former State Senator Collins-Smith’s social media accounts and speaking with our source on numerous occasions (to the best of our knowledge and information given and discovered at this time) this is the MOST accurate, truthful and honest timeline of the remaining days former State Senator Collins-Smith spent on this earth:

May 17th    8:04 PM (Last Facebook Post On @Linda4Senate)
May 26th 11:05 AM (Last Answered Text Message Via Phone To Source)
May 26th 10:36 PM (Last Twitter Post On @Linda4Senate)
May 28th                   (Collins-Smith Returns On A Flight To Arkansas From Arizona)
May 28th 11:30 AM (Collins-Smith Last Phone Call With Source)
May 28th   1:29 PM (Last Facebook Post On Linda Collins)
May 28th    6:50 PM (Source Calls Collins-Smith Goes Directly To Voice Mail Via Phone, No Return Call)
June 4th      5:00 PM (Person #3 Contacts Rebecca O’Donnell Via Phone In Reference To No Contact With                                       Collins-Smith)
June 4th      7:15 PM (Body Found Outside Of Home By Two Family Members)
June 14th    7:57 PM (Rebecca O’Donnell Detained As Of Last Date No Charges Filed)
June 14th   11:37 PM (Press Release From Family)